Chanel lovers, HELPPP ... need advise

  1. hi everyone,
    my name is Jerry, currently based in London. I'm looking for the Satin Croc Turquoise handbag from the Fall collection for my girlfriend. I saw it at Selfridges last month but last week i went to check it out, its GONE and i dont think they will bring in anymore. Does anyone know if Chanel boutiques in Paris or anywhere else in Europe might still have it ? I wanted to surprise her on Valentine's Day after few months of $$$ saving but im so sad that its no longer available. Do u guys know where i can buy the bag online ? I think her 2nd option will be the gold bag ...may i know whats the model and is it limited ? I would appreaciate it if there's additional picture for my reference. Thanx everyoneeee:heart:
    chanel-satin-flap-designer-purse-turquoise.jpg Chanel Style # A01112Y01582.jpg
  2. I believe that gold bag was seasonal, so I don't think you'd be able to find it in store at this point.

    I've seen those satin flap bags in a variety of colors here at Chanel Ala Moana just a few days ago. They've had them for a while. You might want to consider doing a charge send? My sales associate's name is Judy Chin and the number to the boutique is (808)942-5555 if you're interested. It's good to buy from the US and have them ship over because the value of the US dollar is so low as compared to the Euro.
  3. thank you for your suggestion, do u know how much is the additional S&H charges for them to send over?
  4. ^I did a charge send once to Hawaii from the mainland US and standard shipping was free. I believe it should also be free even to London as shipping is usually complimentary. :yes:
  5. Aww, that's very sweet of you Gerry! :heart: Hmm, I agree with missisa07... you might be better off buying the coco's croco from the U.S. and having it shipped over. :tup:

    I actually have that matte gold flap! :heart: It retailed for $2150, and as far as I know, it was available exclusively at NM. Unfortunately, I'm certain that it's long sold out, since it's from a past season. :sad:

    If you track down the turquoise coco's croco flap though, seeing as how it's your girlfriend's first choice, I'm sure you'll be okay! ;) Good luck!! :flowers:
  6. aww fab idea, but dont forget, you will probably be charged a large customs fee for bringing it into the country, so any saving you will make on the dollar rate, will definately be lost with the shipping and excise charges.

    Good luck with your search tho, I hope you find the perfect bag
  7. awww so sweet! i hope my future BF does this for me! LOL, good luck with your search! i like the gold flap a lot better since it's in leather and glamorous ;)
  8. Ahh, yeah, forgot about that bit.
  9. Oh and i checked your blog, lovely collection u have there ... may i ask, the care products you purchased work on white nylon ? previously i bought a white prada bag for my gf and she's scratching her head off now coz its turning black soon! she doesnt know where to clean or dye the leather strap colour back to the original white
  10. Thank you! I've honestly never tried them on nylon yet. The products are designed for leather, so you could definitely use it to clean the straps but not so sure about the nylon though. :shrugs: Good luck!