chanel lovers from manila

  1. hi!! where do you buy chanels if you live in manila? i don't think i've seen any chanel boutiques here.. i'm thinking of getting one but don't know where to shop, thanks!!!:p
  2. There are private sellers available who ship the bags from the States,just give the specific style and color you like.
  3. i see thanx.. umm.. do chanels go on sale? (sorry so ignorant:confused1:) and i really want to see them irl before purchasing, so lastly does hongkong have fairly reasonable price? or is bangkok better? thanks!!!
  4. Hongkong and u.s prices are comparable, bangkok prices are much higher.You can pm me for more info on where to puchase chanel bags in manila.
  5. your best bet for the closest chanel store would probably be in hongkong. but there's a store called tresor in dona consolacion bldg jupiter st in makati which sells second hand (but in good condition) branded bags and sometimes do have brand new ones too, but of course, at a slightly higher price. hope that helps!
  6. you can simply purchase directly from any Chanel retailers (boutiques, NM, Nordie's, Saks etc.) in the US. i probably think you'll be charged a little higher if you go through a medium (aka those private sellers). i've bought from NM directly even though i don't live there, so it doesn't really matter where you're. good luck!
  7. Hi, Im also from Manila. i get my Chanels from diff sources. I got my 1st from a TPfer in HKG, then i got mmy next one in the US through a good friend. I recently got a Chanel from Bangkok during a business trip and another one from Chanel shop in HK. Accdg to the SA in chanel Bangkok airport, they have the lowest price in Asia now.
    PM me if you want anything, maybe i can help you find one, there are lots of re-sellers in Manila.:yes:
  8. not sure why teh need to PM people.
    Just taking this opportunity to remind you guys that any buying or selling via PM can get you banned from here. This includes buying it on behalf of someone who can't get one themselves as it = an exchange of $-goods.

    If you can help her, no need for PM's just post it here, you never know how many other people need this same assistance.
  9. oh i want to know the reseller here in manila.I'm from manila..thanks
  10. Ooops, sorry, swanky... Didn't mean to. thanks for the reminder, though.
    Most re-sellers in Manila sell through eBay or their blogs... maybe you guys can just search on it.
  11. sorry swanky, just didnt want to trouble everyone with a lengthy post that they are not interested in, wont happen again
  12. hi! i know tresor, but i really want to see a wider variety of chanels. yes i guess hongkong's my best bet. thanks!!

    to everyone: thanks for the helpful tips!! so do chanels go on sale? coz i know LV doesn't.. thanks in advance!!!:shame:
  13. Swanky, does this mean we can post contact information for resellers/importers? I don't know if any of them are members of tpf and if that posting makes it not legitimate?
  14. I'm sure most of you know this already, but just in case you don't - if you decide to order a bag from overseas, just know that customs will charge you taxes worth 40-45% of the item's value. So, if buying Chanel, it's actually just cheaper to get a plane ticket to HK and buy the bag there.
  15. we encourage members to post info they have on resources:yes:
    You may recommend a re-seller/retailer so long as it's not yourself you are recommending.