Chanel Lover's First PF Post & Shopping Spree (PICS!)

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  1. Hello fellow Chanel lovers! This is my very first post today! I've been a HUGE fan of the PF for months and months but yet have never posted. I love reading everything here and have gathered so much good advice from all the ladies. I also love the fact that everyone is positive and so friendly. :smile:

    I recently went Chanel-CRAZY and had a (phone) shopping spree! I think I was highly motivated to get my purchases in before the latest price increase, around the first of November (at least this is the excuse that I'm telling myself). I don't have a Chanel Boutique (or high-end dept. store) nearby, so I called the Chanel Boutique in Las Vegas (the Bellagio) and spoke with the most wonderful SA, named Tee. She could not have been more friendly, helpful, or knowledgeable about all of the Chanel goodies that I was interested in. She was incredibly professional and I could tell that she also had great style. She assured me that she understood my need for packaging everything perfectly and even said she would send me some extra treats! I was just thrilled. Sure enough, my Chanel treasures arrived perfectly packaged and I had numerous extra goodies, courtesy of my now favorite Chanel SA, Tee. I'm so excited about my new purchases and my new SA that I'm finally posting.

    It's very nice to finally "meet" all of you and I hope to become a "regular" on here! Just a little bit about me- I'm a huge dog lover (I have three dearly loved and spoiled little fur kids- two Maltese girls and a Cockapoo boy), I have no (human) kids, and I own my own business (an online boutique that sells luxury items for little dogs). I live in Colorado Springs and love it here (everything except the shopping-LOL!). Our only major department stores are Dillard's and Macy's! I can drive to Denver for really great shopping, but with running my own business I don't have a lot of spare time, so I mostly shop online and have to get my Chanel(s) by phone, mostly. Now that I found Tee at the Bellagio, I can shop by phone so easily and without worry, so there is little need to drive to Denver. Anyway, sorry for the long first post. I hope to upload my pics correctly now... Again, it's really great to be here! :love: If you don't already have a fabulous Chanel SA, Tee's number at the Bellagio is 702-765-5505-Please tell her "hello" from me (my name is Jules).

    The goodies from my shopping spree are the following:
    *Chanel GST in white, gold HW
    *Chanel Classic Wallet in black
    *Chanel CC crystal earrings (large size)
    *Chanel Medallion Tote, black, gold HW (this bag shipped separate from my other items).
    Chanel7.jpg Chanel4.jpg Chanel2.jpg Chanel9.jpg Chanel1.jpg
  2. Hi and welcome! You definitely got some great stuff! I especially love the white GST. It's a beginning of a Chanelaholic!
  3. welcome and congrats on your fab goodies!
  4. Here are a few more pics...:smile:
    Chanel5.jpg Chanel6.jpg Chanel8.jpg Chanel10.jpg
  5. Wow! What a great big box to receive. I can't imagine what a rush that would be to open it.

    Welcome Jules, I'm also a newer tPFer but I am addicted to this forum. I have purchased my first Chanel recently thanks to these gals and I'm glad to be a part of this group.

  6. Congrats and welcome!!!! did so well :yahoo:, love your goodies;)
  7. Thank you so much for all of the very warm welcomes. I love my new items and I'm having so much fun being a new Chanel-aholic!:love:

    I didn't want to post too many pics, since I know that everyone has seen all the classic items a whole bunch! I took TONS of pics of them, like they were my new babies! :rolleyes:
  8. Welcome.. Congrats on your new purchases!!!
  9. Great choices on your first pieces. I especially like your white gst. So pretty. Enjoy them all and welcome from lurkdom to tPF.
  10. Hi and welcome! :yes:Congrats on your new bags they're so beautiful!love your doggie too!:love:
  11. they're all beautiful and the pic with the dog is so adorable!!! :heart:
  12. Wow what a terrific haul!! Everything looks perfect. It's great to hear you found yourself a really nice SA there!
  13. Love the GST and earrings!! and cute dog!
  14. Welcome to tPF Jules! You made some great Chanel purchases! I love the fact that your SA went all out and gave you some nice freebies.

  15. Congrats on getting your first chanel items...Enjoy them and wear them in good health....
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