Chanel lovers, do you carry other bags besides Chanel?

  1. Ok, so I am stealing this idea from the Hermes thread. I was kinda thinking that I only wanted to purchase Chanel from now on. But I thought that might be kinda boring?? I have one BBag, vintage Gucci and Fendi and quite a few LV's but now that I have purchased my 2nd Chanel and now I am hooked and want only Chanel. It's hard to go back to anything else once you have Chanel. So what other bags do you have and do you plan to purchase other designers or now you are loyal to Chanel only?
  2. i have a chloe edith loaf which i totally love and am still open to buying more chloes... but ever since i found chanel i've lost interest in lv... (:
  3. Hi Bella! I have been a Chanel girl for many years but purchased my first Hermes Kelly this year. I am hoping to get a Birkin at some stage, but will always enjoy my Chanel bags. Apart from these , I have a couple of Longchamp totes that I could not live without.
  4. I have Balenciaga, Lots of LV, and my new favorite, 2 Hermes bags! Chanel will always be special to me though.
  5. I have tons of limited edition Gucci, LVs, Bally, Hermes and now starting to find myself working through the racks of Chanel.
  6. I havent touched my LV's for ages...I carry my Chanels all the time (except for school) and waiting to get my first Hermes *soon I hope* but I think Chanel is staying with me for a while I love the CC's too much to let go....
  7. My fav is Chanel but I also have two Fendi spy bags, two LV Suhalis, a Marc Jacob Venetian and a silver Devi Kroell Classic python hobo
  8. yes i do carry other bags beside chanel...i love variety and my bag-for-the-day depends on my mood and my outfit
  9. I agree!! I also carry balenciaga quite a bit, just started with chloe (sort of a late bloomer on that one) and have a few LVs (although I haven't carried those in ages).
  10. I know there's a thread on this somewhere in here that I responded to but what the heck! In addition to Chanel I also have a large tan leather Gucci horsebit hobo, LV Speedy 30, two Chloe Paddingtons in tan and whiskey, one Chloe Edith in chamois, and one Chloe large chocolate Silverado open top tote.
  11. I've carried a little bit of alot. . . Burberry, Gucci, LV. . . .
    but after I bought my first chanel, I was smitten. I sold the Gucci adn retired the others.
    I carry my Batignolles Horizontal a lot, because it's so 'hearty', I don't have to worry about it. But as soon as Chanel makes a casual enough brown caviar that I love, I'll probably sell the LV BH.
    There's other's I'd like to try out, like I'd like to check out Balenciaga but they're pretty much scarce in Dallas, hopefully when Barney's opens I can check them out. I'd also like a Chloe, the leather is so nice!
    But the truth is, when it comes right down to it, I'd almost always rather spend that $ on a Chanel.
    I'm not an Hermes fan as their current styles aren't me really and I loathe their selling tactics/games

  12. Swanky, we definitely need to get you a Chloe and a Bbag just to try for awhile! Chanel is my true love but the others are really fun to carry:yes: !

    Agree on the Hermes--I just don't see me carrying one but you never know!!
  13. ^I wanna try, I really do! LOL!
  14. Mac, Swanky- you both would rock Hermes!!! Come over to the dark side:graucho:
  15. Rose, I don't think that I am refined and lady-like enough:lol: . You really think I could do it?? Also I need something on the shoulder...what do you think, maybe a JPG?