chanel lovers beware! fake alert!

  1. reissue fakes are out now....please be careful when purchasing from resellers, vintage stores, or eBay... i saw some pictures of these fakes on a classified, they are advertised as replicas but you never know what some people would do for a few bucks. :sad:
  2. ohh that is scary!
  3. Fortunately we can post any listing here for authentification before we make the purchase.
  4. yes! post pictures in the auth forum...i learnt everything about bags there, thats why i've never been burnt. i would rather spend couple hours to educate my self then throw away hundreds on a fake bag.
  5. Never mind, wrong post
  6. I will certainly post their pictures in the auth forum before purchasing any. I am glad that I joined this forum
  7. Oh wow, I never knew there were reissue fakes out there! Thanks for sharing...
  8. you're welcome~~ ;) fakes have already invaded LV's, its sad to know that they are seeping into Chanel territory too... one reason that i "cheated" on LV was because there were too many fakes out there...i still love LV but i am more into chanels now~ hehe
  9. wow....i didn't know there are fake reissues in the market too. I guess i have to be real careful when getting one or get it from an authorised online reseller....:smile:
  10. I check ioffer once in a while to see what the 'new' fakes are. The last time I checked, I also saw some reissues there, and unfortunately I saw the same ones on eBay. Also, there were quite a lot of classic clutches as well.. But as others have stated, get them authenticated here, they usually don't pass the test.. :biggrin:
  11. good looking out.

    I am one of the many that has been tricked by fakes especially on eBay. I got some great authentic things, and some others were complete fake. I am so fed up of spending hundreds on fakes so I decided to just purchase directly from the boutique or store. I don't have that much time in doing research on the two, so I took the easy way out. again, thanks!
  12. ebay can be indeed tricky! i wish i could go to boutiques more often! boutique experiences are priceless, especially when you come out with a chanel shopping bag and the excitement of unwrapping the box, even if you know what's inside~~~
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Even if I'm 99.9 percent sure a purse is authentic, I run it past the experts here. We're indeed very lucky to have the dedicated members who provide us with this invaluable service.
  14. Is nothing sacred anymore! :cry:

    All I can say is, thank heavens for the Authenticate This thread. It's saved me more than once. Big shout out to the fabulous gals who provide the invaluable advice in this thread :woohoo:
  15. It amazes me how quickly things are copied ... I guess all you need is a picture and that is it ... it is too bad. I saw a lot of this in HK and China and even worse that the fake bags is that there is a HUGE market for them. So long as the demand is there, copies will be made.