Chanel lover but not those flaps!!!!!

  1. Okay, call me crazy, but I don't like the classic Chanel flap handbags. They don't hold enough and I'm just not nuts enough to hand over that kind of money for a bag I'm not mad for. I want to buy my second Chanel (I have the black baby Cabas, which I love). I want a super large bag with a zipper closure. Any ideas?? TIA
  2. How about the Grand Shopper Tote (GST)? It's big, and I think it can hold a lot of stuff too... ! or the Lady Braid Tote (it's pretty!!) borrowed from the Chanel shopping thread

    Good luck :heart:
  3. ... oops.. sorry, you stated that u want zippered bag, I think Timeless Classic Tote has zipper on it..
  4. ^^^:drool::drool:^^
  5. ^^ yea.. it's pretty.. looks gigantic too..:rolleyes: wondering how heavy the bag is..
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. Cambon has zip too :smile:
  8. Ultimate Soft in the large size? Expandable tote?
  9. I'm not a flap girl either:nogood:
    I have 3 zippered top totes, a Vintage Ligne Tote, large Cambon and a large Cotton Club.
  10. I have a white baby cabas too and normally am not a fan of classic flap too. Anyway, I will buying my first flap soon if it is available in Pink Jombo.

    most of my Chanels are totes.

    how about Cambon?
  11. OMG !! 3400.00? sh** that's a ton of cash - was thinking more in the $2000 - 2500- range - Do NOT like the Cambon line.
  12. does it need to be leather?
    The newer Paris Biarritz {nylon} ligne is great IMO and not at all pricey. It may be hard to find, but the Cotton Club Ligne is fab too and under $2k.
  13. ^^:yes: