Chanel Lovelies....Which One Do You Think For Dressy/Evening?

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  1. I'm looking for the best "all-in-one" purse for fancy evenings, club nights, hanging with the girls. I've decided that the black and gold theme works best.

    What's your opinion on the best purse? Here are two, and if you have other ideas, feel free to post as well!

    Thanks so much for your help!

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  2. First one no doubt!
  3. The first one!
  4. have to agree, def the first one!!!
  5. Wow, really? I thought for sure you all would go for the Boy!
  6. Minus fancy evening but for dancing, hanging out etc I would go with the quilted Woc. It's small and can be used as a clutch if needed. It's flat against the body. I think it's easier to move in crowded places such as a club then a handbag.

  7. A small Boy would be so cute
  8. Plagued with decisions. First world problems.
  9. For me the boy is a casual style... the first bag would fit more to the opportunities you want to use it, IMO
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    I like the first one for fancy evenings but the boy for girls nights and clubbing. I think a mini classic or clutch w chain would be perfect for all occasions you listed. Good luck in your decision and keep us posted :smile:
  11. Thanks for your help! Headed to a boutique tomorrow. I hope to do a reveal soon!
  12. I don't think either one of those is suited to 'fancy evenings.' But for clubs and girls' night I would definitely choose that gorgeous Boy!

    A Chanel Timeless clutch with chain would be a versatile choice for you. It would suit any occasion, including fancy evening. Good luck!
  13. I like the first one for fancier dinners etc,
  14. There's a new clutch shaped a bit like the standard kisslock one but with a No5 closing in gold that would suit all occasions you mentioned. Let me know if you want to know where. :smile:

  15. Tutu post a pic if you can please or send it to me:smile: OP the first one no doubt. IMHO The boy is too casual