Chanel Love Symbols Mini Bag with Pearl Chains

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  1. Hi, Chanel lovers! This is my first foray into this beautiful Chanel section o tPF (I've been an Hermes girl for as long as I can remember). But, I received The Book ( Neiman Marcus catalog) the other day and fell for the Love Symbols mini bag!! I called NM about it but all they could tell me was that it is not yet available. Do you guys know the dimensions of this little cutie? Thanks so much!!
  2. Call customer service at 800-550-0005. They will be able to answer this question. From the pictures, I can tell you, it's veeeery tiny.
  3. Its really small... I know BG has them right now
  4. Thanks so much, ladies!!
  5. Do u mean the mini bag with the messenger length pearl comes in silver and black...I love it.
    I posted pics in my SAks intel thread
  6. Yes, that's the one Beach Bum! Thanks so much - I'll go take a look in your thread. I saw that cute mini bag and fell in love at first sight!
  7. I saw it at Saks in Beverly Hills the other day. The black with white pearls is an adorable contrast. :smile: So cute.
  8. I loved it.....!AND it fits the Iphone too..LOL
    I cant decide if i like the silver or black more though

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  9. ^ food for thought is it possible to DIY this? how much is the wallet that looks exactly like this little purse? then we just need some glass pearl chains attach to hooks..
    hmmmmm i wonder if the wallet of that same style is significantly lower in price. if so it maybe worth it to DIY :smile: but i love it though... considering getting it too... wish it was more like 1300 to 1500 range
  10. very very cute. I saw them irl. I also see them breaking very easy.
  11. I need one of these bags... Lol
  12. why is there a price difference between the two?
  13. i know,its weird.and this thread has black listed at lower price?Maybe my SAKS is wrong?

    The NM lookbook has black listed at 1700 price ???strange
  14. Its true there is a price difference. We have them at my Saks too. The only difference I can think of is the pearl straps? IDK....but they're gorgy!
  15. cute! I like the black one lots