Chanel lost my bag!!!

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  1. Update 2:
    To clarify a few points raised. My bag is a 2.55 Reissue So Black Chevron in lambskin. I stopped by Bloomingdales today and they definitely have the bag in aged calfskin, but the US never received the lambskin version. I'm SOL.

    They offered a store credit, but I requested a refund that includes the FMV and tax. I'm so put off by the experience that I'm not open to further patronizing the brand. I've already purchased two other Chanel items since dropping off my bag and I don't need, nor want, anything else Chanel. A store credit would do me no good. I want a cash refund if they can't replace my exact bag. I have all my receipts, the after sales receipt and records of all my follow up phone calls. I can easily win this case in a courtroom if it goes down that path.

    UGH!!! They charge SO much for their merchandise yet I have to deal with this nonsense.
  2. This is horrible customer service. They should be bending over backwards to make you happy. Not only should you get a complete refund of what you paid for the bag, but you should get it promptly and they should give you a gift to try to earn back your business.
  3. I’ll buy the in store credit .
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  4. I'm heartbroken for you. I got a similar bag (18K Reissue So Black Chevron in crumpled calf) from Germany and I would be furious if Chanel lost it.

    I think you are right to get the refund.
  5. They said FedEx delivered the package but that they never received it. Chanel receives a ton of packages and I find it odd that my one package was lost. This is why they also are going through their security footage.
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  7. This is what their business insurance is for —loss and theft—they should simply write you out a check -this is not like a recall on a bag or anything like that —this is to compensate a customer for an error someone on their staff did.
  8. Completely agree. How much can it cost Chanel to make it right with OP? Instead they have now lost a customer and goodwill.
  9. I work in accounting department for a consumer products company and I am sure chanel has their own reserves to insure themself for issues like this. It sounds like you or a helpful store manager will need to push this because channces are this is somewhat uncommon and people at corporate are passing this around like a hot potato not sure of the exact protocol. Not sure if you mentioned this but I suggest an email chain between you and the store manager which they can then fwd to corporate and follow up as needed until you get what is owed to you. I am sorry you have you deal with this but they can certainly issue you a check but I wouldnt be surprised if it takes months to get resolved then again you can always settle for the store credit.Best of luck!
  10. First of all I want to say that I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had such a shoddy experience with Chanel customer service. It’s absolutely terrible for a brand that charges so much, you’d think they’d be doing the absolute utmost for you!

    You need to make sure you get the full cash refund because giving store credit is simply not good enough when they have lost your possession! They should be on their knees apologising and trying to make things right. It seems like you’ve had to do all the leg work.

    On the point of so black reissues, I’m not sure how useful this is as I’m in London but I was in Harrods very recently and was shown a so black chevron reissue in 225, it was aged calfskin though, not lamb but extremely beautiful.

    I hope that you get this resolved with the best outcome for you and that you don’t have to go down the court route, though I think you have a v strong case if you do!
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  11. Awful and unacceptable.
  12. This is crazy that they’re offering you the last sold price. In this scenario, they should let you choose another bag of your choice without any restriction of leather or hardware. It’s not a mom and pop shop we’re talking about, it’s global luxury brand which should know how to take care of their customers. Their handling of this matter is disgusting.
  13. Sorry to hear about their store credit offer. They should write you a check. I’m curious - which Chanel in NYC lost your bag?
  14. Chanel 57th Street
  15. @Mam3012 if you go back through the thread, you will see that @MiniLover also had a nightmare situation at the 57th Street store, and has a manager contact who was able to help her.