Chanel lost my bag!!!

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  1. UPDATE:

    The local boutique called today to offer the last retail price of the bag. It was never sold in the US and she'll have to have corporate search global inventory to see if it is available ANYWHERE. I called the store where I originally purchased it and they don't have it in stock. I don't think I'm getting my bag or a replacement. :sad:
  2. Was this a special collection? So black 225 reissues in chevron were definitely sold in the US in late 2017. I imagine that style should come back...hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction as it must be frustrating.
  3. I’m sorry but offering you the last retail price of the bag does not help you replace it, now, in today’s dollars. I’d push back.
  4. I agree with Doodles. With their annual price increases they should AT LEAST offer you the value of that model purse at present cost. I am so sorry you are dealing with this.
  5. Damand for current retail price, take the $ and go.
    Chanel after sale service is terrible !!!! If they fixed the problem the bag will end up been beaten anyway !!!
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  6. I am so sorry. What a horrible situation. I would have gone scorched earth on them. They need to fix it fast. This is not right.
  7. What size is yours? I saw 226 and 227 so black chevron reissues in Dubai airport just recently. Not sure about size 225 because I disn’t ask. Maybe the have it too, who knows. You can propose them to check the inventory there too. Good luck. I hope you get the same style back. I have one since last year and I also don’t want to give it up or change with other style. I feel you
  8. So sorry with what happened with your bag. Hopefully you will be able to get it resolved. Please update us on the situation.
  9. Wow. You want current replacement price. Sorry to hear.
  10. Wow Chanel is appalling for not keeping you up to date on what went wrong! When do retailers realize that we as customers appreciate it more if they own up to mistakes than them trying to keep us in the dark like idiots.
    For a major extremely profitable corporation like Chanel I find it extremely disappointing that they won’t even offer your current replacement value for something that’s clearly their fault!!!
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  11. Get your money and run. If the last retail price was equal to or more than what you paid for it, you are getting a fair deal. Yes they made a big mistake but are rectifying it.
  12. Omg. I’m so sorry to hear this.

    Now I’m so worried because I sent my bag for repair too. Sad face.
  13. This unfortunate situation doesn’t normally happen. If you keep your repair tag you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Some of us have been using Chanel repair services for years and received decent service.
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  14. Thank you. I only have the authenticity card and the service receipt.
  15. So sorry to hear this happened to you and that your bag is gone.