Chanel lost my bag!!!

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  1. I purchased the 2.55 Reissue in So Black Chevron in March 2017 and had a constant issue with the clasp popping open. I finally decided to take the bag in for repair in NYC and was promised that it would be returned within 6-8 weeks. I was satisfied that I would receive it in time for the holidays (dropped it off in October). At 6 weeks I called to check on the status, 8 weeks checked on the status and definitely received roundabout answers to the status of the bag. ONLY NOW have I learned (after constant chasing) that my bag was "lost" (read stolen, because I definitely think it was stolen) at the boutique!!!! WTH. This bag was purchased while on an overseas trip and isn't even in production in the US anymore! WTF.

    Has anyone else had a simliar experience with Chanel boutiques? I'm wondering what the recourse will be. At this point I'm calling corporate every single day to complain and I'm still waiting to hear from the boutique on how they plan to rectify this. Honestly, I just want my bag. :sad:
  2. WOW!!Lord .I don’t know whether i would be mad or happy that i would be anticipate getting a new bag?BUT..I just wanted to say sorry .I hope they resolve this..Do you have IG?try making a comment on one of the pictures on chanelofficial explaining what happened ?try DM them?It might def get their attention?Just throwing out ideas .Keep us posted
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  3. Hi! Sorry to hear this. I suggest you message Chanel via all of their social media platforms. Anytime I have a good or bad experience, I message the business via social media. In my experience, they are prompt to respond for either experiences and work diligently to resolve the issue.
    I had a similar issue but mine was with LV. They messed up a repair on a discontinued item. Because the item was discontinued, they offered me a gift card for the last retail price. I know that you’re disappointed in your experience with CC but I’m confident they will do everything possible to rectify the situation.
    If your bag is stolen, karma will get the thief. Don’t worry, be happy!!
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  4. Whenever I've dropped off my Chanel bags for repair, I am ALWAYS given a tag with a repair number on it. I suggest you copy yours and send it to them-this is your guarantee that it left your presence and is in theirs. Thus, they are responsible.
  5. That's poor. I would insist on like for like even if they have to ship from Paris. Good luck, hope it works out
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  6. What a ridiculous situation, I am so sorry this happened to you!! I hope they are able to replace your bag, if not you should definitely demand additional compensation on top of a refund.
  7. I am so sorry to hear that Chanel has lost your precious bag. Just like@pjhm mentioned, you take your repair receipt to the NYC store, talk to the manager, and I believe they will find a solution for you.
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  8. So sorry. Let us know about the outcome!
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    I have the after sales receipt and have already provided that to the store. They aren't denying that they made a mistake. They just haven't told me how they plan to make this right!
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  10. I would demand to get the amount of money I paid for the bag back.

    Or if you have the resources, consult with a lawyer on how you can possibly get a settlement with Chanel. After all, they effed up. Just make sure you have all the invoices, documents, repair receipt, etc handy.
  11. After 2 months, this is ridiculous on their part
    Got it- they are in trouble then! Looking back at one of my Chanel repair tags, they've also entered estimated value of my bag. Thus, It should be an open and shut case with you getting your money back including sales tax for whatever you paid for it.
    If it were me, I'd make one more call to store manager asking "When can I expect to receive my money back?"
  12. If I were you, I wouldn't just settle for my money back.

    It's their fault they lost your bag and you should get the same, exact model back to you, or your money back and compensation.

    They are in the wrong and it's their responsibility to rectify the situation. I think it's disgusting you are doing all of the chasing up. They should be the ones apologising and grovelling to you!

    Good luck, please let us know what happens.
  13. Well yes, Just keep insisting. They messed up. And you let them know that.

    On the bright side, the So Black Chevron 2.55 has been released 1-2 more times in 2018. They came out with several versions though.

    Anw, tell them to search all over USA for a similar model for replacement. I believe 18A had a chevron so black? 18B had the quilted one. And prior to that some chevron so black too. If US doesn’t have any, insist that France sends you one. I’m verrryyyyy sure there’s a So Black 2.55 lingering around in their home country. :smile:
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  14. I dont understand what makes you so sure it got stolen? how can it get stolen if you handed it in at the boutique?
  15. Which NYC chanel boutique did you took your bag to? I went thru nightmare with the 57 St boutique with my so black chevron mini. I have contact with the store manager that helped me at the end. Not sure if she still works in that boutique but you can pm me if you want her info.