Chanel dangerous. How can I post pics?

  1. OH my...I just was emailed the Chanel Lookbook from Bergdorf...I am insane now. I want so much!

    They were really pleasant and offered to email it to me. The best part of it is, there is no Sale Tax on the purses if they are shipped to you if you are outside the state of NY! I am so ordering from BG from now on.

    Is there a way I can post pics from it? Its in power point format. There are 6 pages she sent.
  2. You can do screen captures (print screen) of the ppt pages one at a time. Then you can resize them in any photo editor program. I would be happy to do it for you if you're having trouble. Just pm me. I'd love to see the pics!
  3. OHHH I'd :heart::heart::heart:to see it too! Thanks in Advance :nuts:
  4. omg can you pleeaaaaseeeee post pics??????
    i would be eternally grateful!!!

    happy v-day all!!
  5. yes! Please post pics!
  6. I want to see them!
  7. With the assistance of OnxyBear, we should have the links soon!!

    Thanks so much to her for her help.

    Hang on to your wallets....they'll be here shortly.
  8. can't see pics
  9. i want to see pics too! sounds dangerous though.
  10. Thats great shmoo!! My S/A sent me a color brochure of SS/2007, but I have not had time to post the pics. I am so glad you and Onyx are doing this for us-- THANK YOU BOTH!!!
  11. Now this is a V-day treat indeed!
  12. Can't wait to see pics!
  13. I am so getting the naked flap and a timeless clutch. So excited!
  14. OMG..Im in love with the pics..LOL...
  15. I made a new thread and posted the links to the pics!! I figured it be easy so everyone knows it has the pictures!


    Thansk again Onyx!!!