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  1. Thought I posted awhile ago but cannot locate the thread. If this is a double post please forgive.:yes: When I logged on awhile ago and that hugh, hugh, LV patent satchel popped up I nearly fainted. I started to laugh so loudly that I woke up both the dogs and my daughter.:wtf: I just cannot stop laughing, my did Chanel start something. I can just image Swanky when she logged on and saw that bag. I am so sorry that I was not a fly on the wall. This is just so funny.:yahoo: Swanky, please give up your thoughts on this bag. I just cannot wait to hear what to think about this one. You guys on this forum are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You posted in the LV forum, here
  3. ok, that's where it went, thanks. What do you think about this bag?
  4. ^ the chanel one or the lv one?

    i definitely thought of the chanel one when i saw the lv one. it's an interesting design, i guess it's a love-it or hate-it thing
  5. The LV, prehaps in black but I don't like it in white.
  6. LOL ktown!
    I closed the other thread since there's 2 now ;)

    Which LV bag? I have stopped looking at LV. . . do they have a vinyl or patent bag like Chanel?
  7. Swanky,
    When I log in it is on the front page of the site. Also, go to new posts and it is under the title, " New LV in Cosmo", with picture. I am on pins to hear your take on this.
  8. Just went and peeked in that thread! LMBO!
    Boy, some designers were all sending telepathic messages to each other this past year weren't they!?

    The LV girls seem to hate that design, but I think the design takes some getting used to!
    I actually like them both about the same, even though I've fallen out of like w/ LV.

  9. Swanky,
    When I logged on about 6:00 this morning I was not sure if this was a dream. I do not, do not like, the white. Maybe that beautiful chic young lady we saw in Brussels might be able make that white work. On black I don't know. However, for the price we would rather have a Chanel. I am not really into LV either, however, I will get my little one a Speedy and that is about it for LV bags. But I still do like the luggage, what is out there for really, really nice luggage other than LV? Now, with the new Chanel luggage this is an added plus for traveling. Telepathic messages to say the least. We will stay with Chanel and Hermes.
  10. I agree, I wouldn't pay that price for an LV, I'd rather have CHanel.

    Goyard has very nice luggage as well :yes:
  11. Swanky,
    I have never purchased this brand, we will have a look. Maybe, because I have seen so much fake LV. We just really love Chanel.
  12. These bags were on the runway from Louis Vuitton for what it seems ages ago, but are just making there way into stores now. In fact, we have been talking about the Miroir bags from LV for MONTHS.
  13. ^you're right. That Mirior line looks pretty interesting, I can't wait to see it IRL!
  14. I guess I missed that. I have not looked at the fashion shows from Vuitton this season. I suppose I should go to and check out everyone. I will take a look asap. I do not for sure like the creme white. Prehaps, on black it will be ok. When someone sees in IRL give a shout.
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