chanel logo earrings

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  1. Hi guys! for those of you who own the chanel logo crystal earrnings, have you any sensitivity issues?

    my ears are very sensitive and i usually must wear sterling silver stuff or else it gets really irritating...! i asked the SA and he said i am not aware that is it sterling silver or surgical's just dipped in silver finish so it wont tarnish...

    i was pretty shocked that a $240 pair of earrings cant even be made of sterling...if you guys have any idea please let me know! i really want them but would hate spending money on a pair of earrings that will just hurt my ear...thanks!
  2. I know exactly how you feel! I have sensitive ears (i.e. can't wear costume earrings for too long w/o redness/itching)

    I have the logo earrings w/ crystals, and while I can wear them for a of amount of time -maybe a day's time... usually by the evening my ears will start to get puffy and a little irratated and I need to take them out.

    So they're not THAT bad, I'm assuming because of the finish vs. cheapy costume earrings. BUT if you're SUPER sensitive, I don't know if it's a good idea because my mom has VERY sensitive skin and had to take them off after an less than an hour (e.g. she's the type that can't even wear silver -she'll get a rash from it, so she's pretty extreme) but if you're not extremely sensitive and can tolerate it, they should be just fine -you probably will only get like 6-8 hours wear before you feel anything really (that's from my experience)
  3. You should not get those earrings if you are very sensitive as you said. They are not hypo allergic or surgical kind metal at all.
  4. I have the logo earrings with crystals and I've never had a problem with them but I do not have sensitive ears. But if you do, I think you shouldn't get them if you're super sensitive.

  5. I have sensitive earrings.. when I was young I could never wear fake gold/silver without my ears bleeding. I have a pair of Chanel logo earrings that irritate a bit, but not too bad. I wouldn't wear them all day, but for a night out it's fine.
  6. my daughter got them for Christmas - she's had sensitivity problems before to some cheap earrings - but she wears the cc logo earrings everyday with no problems.
  7. I bought a few out of impulse - also cuz they are so pretty - but I can't wear them for the whole day. A few hours after wearing them, my ears will still to itch real bad. This happens EVERYTIME. I'm officially off their pierce earrings.
  8. thanks for the input seems like it will cause some problems but not too bad...its sux that they won't make their fashion jewelry with better quality pretty sure dior's jewelry are sterling silver right?

    im prob going to stay away altho it is sooo cute! :sad:
  9. ^ While Dior's fine jewelries are real stuffs, their fashion jewelries are also non sterling silver metals.
  10. Years ago my husband bought a pair of silver Paloma Picasso earrings as a gift for moi, and the SA asked him if I could wear silver posts. Reason being there are some of us that can only wear real gold. Anything else will be a problem, as cited previously. Years ago practically all Chanel's earrings were clip ons, thus circumventing the allergy problem. (Clip ons have their own set of problems, though.)
  11. I have a pair of Chanel earrings, and they do bother my sensitive ears. Personally I think it's ridiculous that they charge $200+ dollars for cheap costume jewelry. At least their bags and clothes are high quality.
  12. if i could ask you ladies....I know they are not silver but do they tarnish though??? TIA :smile:
  13. i've had a pair of chanel pearl logo earrings for just over a year now, and they have started to tarnish. you can slightly see a coppery colour through on the back and on the posts... but i have worn them nearly everyday since i bought them!! :smile:
  14. Just wondering...

    Does Chanel fix it or give you another pair if the crystals fall out? Or do the replace them if it tarnishes?
  15. I don't have any problems with mine, but my ears aren't that sensitive.