chanel logo earrings

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  1. I went to the Chanel store in Dallas to get the Chanel CC studs but i wanted them in a rhinestone-ish and probably the largest size, but all they had was like just plain metal ones. So my question is can someone help me bc ive never bought chanel before so other than that store where else could i get them ? Oh ! and how much are they :smile: thanks so much :heart:
  2. Chanel is carried in many of the department stores as well, including Neiman Marcus, Saks, select Bloomingdales (i'm not too sure of this one), as well as Bergdorfs and select Nordstroms. has a list of which stores carry accessories. I would recommend callling around and having a store do a charge-send, if these earrings cannot be located at a store near you.
  3. Do you happen to know how much they are ?
  4. [​IMG]

    and what about these bangles !
  5. the earrings are $210 + tax. with tax, mine were $227
  6. mine were CDN$215 + tax

    They constantly get stock for them. You could call and see when they get their next shipment.
  7. thanks everyone im waiting for the next shipment at neiman marcus downtown dallas :biggrin:
  8. good luck!
  9. If anyone can confirm what I am going to say I would feel better....I have purchased 3 pairs of Chanel earrings from my local NM - 2 of which are the CC logos (one for me and one for my sister) - all the backings to the CC logos are extremely tight fitted - hard to pull off and hard to push on (sometimes pushing too far in and your earlobe gets squeezed). Last might my sister wore hers and could not get one of them off - I went to her house to help her - the plastic part of the backing broke off as I was using strong force to pull - she was in tears - this morning the earring is still on her ear with the metal backing sutting offf her blood supply - we have to go to the doctor or something to get it off. I am now afraid to put my earrings on - also I noticed that one of my posts is wobbly - I never have worn them.
    LONG story but please look at the backings and posts ebfore purchasing!!
    Any suggestions how to pry the back off before we cut her earlobe off??....not kidding:sad:

  10. I had the exact same problem, only thing is that i never put it on my ear fortunately. I was trying to take off the backing when i realised i had to use so much force! It made the post of one of them shaky as well :sad::sad:

    Send it to Chanel and they will fix them for u. :yes:
  11. I had this problem with a pair of the crystal CC earrings - I had to return them. My gold braid earrings were just fine though so always make sure you check them before you leave the store. Did you just try twisting the back slowly?
  12. can't see your pic!
  13. has anyone tried putting different backings on the earrings and see if those will fit? Because I have this same problem...the backings are annoying as heck!
  14. I've exactly got the same problem for my crystal camelia earrings. I've got the post separated from the camelia completely when I tried to get it off from my ears. Fortunately my SA agreed to exchange a pair of brand new one for me, mind you, I've worn it once.

    Now, I used different backings which are not as tight fit as that of the original, and it works!!! So, please try and i hope that's useful to all of you.

    P.S. I really love Chanel earrings though.


  15. hey- I live in tx too- If you order them from ny you save tax!