Chanel Logo Earrings

  1. What is the best size for this? Is large really huge or just perfect?
  2. You mean the stud crystal CC's? They come in 2 sizes. I prefer the larger ones.
  3. I have the one's that retail for $210 and I think they are the perfect size. They have a pair that are smaller - retail around $185-$195.
  4. I like the smaller ones but only cause i'm petit myself
  5. I think the smaller ones look really cute, but you should try them both out and see which would look best on you
  6. I agree with blew415. I prefer the smaller ones myself, but it really comes down to trying them on and seeing what works for you. vbmenu_register("postmenu_2374237", true);
  7. does anyone know what material these earrings are made of? i have pretty sensitive ears so i'm not sure if they would irrirtate them. thanks!
  8. I believe it's silver. I have the larger ones and they are sooo great! I also have sensitive ears, and I usually only wear gold, but since I use these logo earrings only for a short time, a day at the most, I have no problem with them.
  9. I like the medium sized ones ($210). They are .5 inches across and high, I believe. They hang just slightly below the lobe.
  10. ^ i am DYING for a pair of those, but people fake them all of the time, and they are a lot harder to authenticate than bags.
    oh well. if i get them, at least ill know they are real.
    ok. :back2topic:
  11. congrats! there gorgeous!
  12. My grandma got me a pair last summer and I LOOOOVE them and get compliments on them all the time. I agree with everyone else, try them on and see what works for you.
  13. I just bought the large ones which look a little big on my tiny ears but i turn them upside down so that they don't hang off my earlobe and they look pretty cute.

    and ITA, i have a ton of friends with non-authentic earrings so I never wear mine when I know I'll be hanging out with them. it's too wierd.
  14. would you know if Chanel stores repair such earrings? mine got broke when i was pulling off the plastic/lock thing (sorry, don't know the exact term hehehe) :crybaby: