Chanel live show on internet tonight uk time 2015H

  1. Hi ladies, have just popped over from the Hermes forum

    Chanel Live show is on the internet tonight uk time 2015H, thought I would let you Chanel girls know

    here is the link, tune in for the fashion show,,


    Opening at 20:15 GTM
  2. how cool! Thanks for letting us know!!
  3. Thank you so much ardneish!:heart:

    So I suppose 20:15 GMT will be:

    15:15 ET

    12:15 PT

    21:15 CET


    23:15 MID EAST

    03:15 FOR HONG-KONG hehe! ;)

  4. You clever thing!!

    yes it there fashion show live, so worth a peek I will tune in I love Chanel
  5. Sweet, thanks for translating those times!
  6. Thanks for letting me know, I am supposed to be doing my uni work- but I suppose I can leave it for anotherday to watch this!
  7. I got a email from Chanel and it said it will be at 7.30pm
  8. Cammy on my e-mail says 7:30 pm too but when I clicked on it they say :
    OPENING AT 20:15 GTM just like ardneish first posted :yes:

    just to correct that in HONG-KONG/PEKING IT WILL BE AT 04:15 AND IN TOKYO AT 05:15:smile: