Chanel lipstick...

  1. Hello!

    I'm a gloss girl most of the time. And I don't even have a proper lipstick, haha. So I'm thinking of getting a nice one...someone recommended me Chanel.

    So I looked on the website and it kind of confused me. What is the difference between Aqualumiere, Allure and Hydrabase? Is one better than the other in your opinion?

    I am also looking for a red, but one that's not too bright and flashy. Any ideas?

    Or maybe I should try an other brand? Keep in mind that I'm in Hungary, so probably many brands that you girls have aren't sold around here :sad:

  2. Aqualumiere is more on the sheer side, Allure is their newest stuff with many colors, about hydrabase I don't know...
  3. Hydrabase is supposedly more moisturizing...

    However may I recommend rouge intensite longewear comes in the dual sided tube where you apply the lipcolor like lipgloss, let it dry, and then apply the clear gloss on the other side (or one of your other glosses).
    It doesn't come in a ton of colors but there is a beautiful red shade and it lasts FOREVER, through meals kissing and the whole shebang.
    I use rose garnet, it's a deeper version of my lip color so it looks very natural, and I layer Chanel glossimer blizzard over it.

    If you don't want something long lasting then most of my lipsticks are from the rouge allure line, my fave is the limited edition Garnet Fire, it's a deeper burgundy that can go on more sheer if you don't want it so intense.

    I heart Chanel makeup!
  4. ^ I second the rouge intensite lipstick. I use nude topaz over any lip tint. It does last for a very long time and it's very glossy. Not a big fan of lipstick because they can be so drying so I like using this one.
  5. Well, I'll "third" the rouge intensite recommendation. This stuff is AMAZING!! I LOVE it in Rose Quartz -- it's just the best. I also have a tube of the Allure stuff -- not as impressive.
  6. I'll check that one out then :yes: Thanks!
  7. i like the rouge intensite too! it's not drying as long as yuo remember to apply the gloss on top, and i have it in this beautiful shade of pink that looks amazing on!
  8. I like Rouge Hydrabase in Aura.
  9. My favorite is an Allure lipstick, intense color so soft and glides on well without being too gooey. Unfortunately the stick breaks when you drop it. I gave one to my mom and happened to hers. She loves the color and texture so much she still uses it broken!

    My second favorite is Infrarouge. Pretty dry but beautiful metallics.
    I think Aqualumiere is their lightest range, all sheers with a hint of barely there color. Hydrabase is moisturizing but color isn't as showy as Allure. I think Allure has every good thing of each range.
  10. This is a nice product :tup: Since I have a very neutral rouge intensite color ( I need the staying power and the good base) this looks nice over the adds a little something extra...but I will probably still buy my glossimers :jammin:

    But I would recommend this to people that don't like lipstick but want something a little more than gloss.