chanel lipgloss worth it???

  1. is chanel lipgloss really worth it? how is it? before i buy it i want to make sure if its worth buying :smile:.
    if it is...what is your favourite one?
  2. I love it, the color lasts really well IMO.
    I have 3, the only one I can remember is Pailettes.
  3. I LOVE there Glossimer glosses. I believe they are the thicker ones. They have the gold band and not silver on the packaging.
  4. Their glosses are fabulous. I love them! Why don't you just try one and see what you think?
  5. i love them too they're fabulous! :tup: my favorite color is blizzard, i've been using it since high school :smile:
  6. I have the limited edition glossimer colors Glitter and Wonderland....they stay on really well and look just like they should...not too heavy and thick.
  7. I don't like the glossimers quite as much as I like the aqualumiere, but I think my preference runs towards lipstick rather than gloss. But as glosses go, the glossimers are really great, thick and shimmery.
  8. I always wondered if they were any good too. I didn't want to be sucked in just by the name and pretty packaging. I might just have to try them now!
  9. LOVE it and Im a lip gloss junky. Chanel is my fav. Glossimer stays on, and its NOT sticky. One of my favs.
  10. I got my first glossimer a few days ago, I love it! It stays on exceptionally well even threw sweating, I went to reapply at the time I usually do only to find out it was not necessary. Its not too thick and sticky either, my hair always sticks to mu lips with other glosses and while it still does with chanel, not nearly as bad. And your lips dont feel too gooey and nasty with it either.
  11. I think it depends on your preference. It is just too sticky for me, but my sis loves it. I don't like anything heavy on my lips so that may be why I don't like it (I use Vincent Longo lip stains instead).
  12. thanks for sharing! i never tried Chanel lip stuff. now i will!
  13. Yes, they are worth it!!

    'Giggle'(aka Praline) is a great every day colour
  14. Its a good one for sure....I always carry their glaze color...its sooo flattering and has staying power.
  15. I used to be a strong Dior,MAC, and Lancome fan. Then I came across my first Chanel Glossimer in Cry Baby limited edition... I was hooked from then. I moved on to Glaze which I have currently abandon for Pink Fluo. I can't wait for each reapplication but it stays on so darn well. LOL! Like mentioned aboved...not too sticky. Also the packaging is too cute. Well worth every penny.