CHANEL [Limited Edition] Black Satin? Made in USA vs FRANCE...

  1. I know I'm a bit late for this new "fashion trend", but lately I've been really into black and darker clothes. I know that this particular nail polish is very popular since last year. I've been looking on the Saks, Neimans, etc...websites and they don't sell the black satin nail polish anymore. I had to go on eBay and purchase one for more than retail...what a bummer! I hope I don't get a fake one (I usually don't purchase on eBay....but I had no choice!).:shrugs: Oh well...

    Does anyone have pictures of their nails wearing the Chanel Black Satin (made in usa) version? Any rant or raves? Any comments about this nail polish? I can't wait to receive my package; it'll be just in time for Halloween too!


    USA version: black with a silvery shimmer in the light
    France version: matte black (not limited edition and readily available)

  2. there are lots of pics of people wearing the US version on, you just have to register. I have the france one only, but didn't know it was permanent
  3. can you link to the pics? the board is so huge, i only see discussions about certain products but no pics.
  4. I love black satin. In fact I just sold one on ebay way less than what I paid!
  5. I think they are selling black satin on the Chanel website, I saw it there about a week or two ago.
  6. ^^^I just looked and they do have it on their website, but probably made in USA. Also, if you order from them, they send you a sample or two.
  7. The France version that i have has indeed a matte effect...Good luck...