chanel ligne cambon

  1. Hi,
    I'm new here...Have a quick question.
    I recently bought a Chanel Ligne Cambon Bucket. However the lining in it is black. I have a bad feeling it is a fake, am I correct?

  2. you should post pics...but there was no such thing as a cambon bucket...perhaps its a tote?
  3. what color is your bag, outside?
  4. The outside is black with white CC wrapped around.
  5. for the black cambon, the lining is hot pink.. unless I'm wrong, anyone want to chime in?
  6. doublec31 is correct -the black cambon tote's inside lining is hot pink (with the CC logo prints).

    I have the medium black tote (with white CC logo) if you want to compare them I can post some pics of specific areas.
  7. could you do that for me please? Much appreciated.....
  8. no prob.. here, some pix for ya~ tell me if you need any other specific areas..
    Picture 038.jpg

    Picture 035.jpg

    Picture 041.jpg

    Picture 037.jpg

    (click for a bigger view)
  9. I agree with what everone has already said. A black cambone tote should have hot pink/fuchsia lining.
  10. ^^ditto.
  11. if your bag is pink , the lining should be black
  12. I have the medium black w/bl CC and the lining is pink, purchased about 2 yrs ago. Just bought the large black w/bl patent CC (new for spring/summer) and it also has pink lining.

    Where did you purchase your bag?