Chanel Ligne Cambon line

  1. just wanted to share with you guys some pic from this line....:P
    Chanel_LIGNE_CAMBON_01.jpg Chanel_LIGNE_CAMBON_bowling_bag.jpg Chanel_LIGNE_CAMBON_messenger_small.jpg Chanel_LIGNE_CAMBON_multi_pocket_bag.jpg Chanel_LIGNE_CAMBON_small_tote.jpg
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  2. Don't forget the fanny pack !

  3. few more minus Vanessa :smile:
    cambon tote.jpg 200404020104.jpg 200404020105.jpg chanel cambon.jpg multipocket.jpg
  4. Thank's ayla :biggrin:
    i like this waist pochette !!! :love::love::love:
  5. few more...:smile:
    chanel2004_3.jpg Website06.jpg Chanel Bowling Bag.jpg
  6. click click save of cambon.
  7. I absolutely LOVE the Chanel Cambon line. Must go down today and look at the messenger! I wonder if I can still get a pink somewhere?!
  8. I love this line. I have the large tote and it is so functional.
  9. Someday I will have one of the white ones. The Chanel SA talked me out of it last time because she said it would get dirty easily, and I got a beige one. I still want a white one though!! I'm pretty careful with my bags so I think I would be ok with white. Does anyone here own a white Cambon bag? If so do you find it gets dirty easily and is it easy to clean?
  10. I have a white cambon, its very striking, but yes it is very high maintenance. I rarely have mine out. :sad:
  11. The pink is discontinued, but u can definitely find it somewhere... .either someone here wants to sell? =D I have the pink cambon... LOVE LOVE LOVE!
  12. i know! i'm so sad! next time i will know better than to wait on things that i know will be disco'd. i'll see what the boutique has today.
  13. I saw a couple pink Cambons when I was in last weekend...if I had known it was discontinued I might've picked something up! When I got my last cambon I was talked outta the pink and into the beige by my SA since she said it was more of a classic :cry:
  14. I wish there were a style that appealed to me in this line, its so cute! :biggrin:
  15. Ok just got back...they have a pink small messenger on order for me but i'm afraid it is too small for practicality. I might just get the medium size when the pink is in. I kept going back and forth from the cambon to the vuitton minna street...but the cambon appeals more to me, i'm scared of the color transfer with the vernis.