Chanel Lights Up Chicago

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  1. Published: Tuesday, November 21, 2006
    Chanel Lights Up Chicago
    By Beth Wilson
    Let the sun shine in.


    That's what Chanel did to transform its Midwest flagship on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Workers spent five months redoing the 9,200-square-foot store, most notably opening large picture windows facing Michigan Avenue and East Lake Shore Drive that previously had been covered.
  2. Heard that this store is fabulous now! :yes:
  3. I can't read it, I'm not a member :sad:
  4. Is this the one in the Drake? That's the one I have been to, but pretty sure it is on Michigan Ave. I just moved here this summer. I'd be super excited if there is another one!!!!!
  5. ME neither, darn!!
  6. it's the one in the drake.
  7. aw, i can't read it as i'm not a member. anyone have pics?
  8. can't see it.
  9. How's the Chanel store in Chicago? I've never been to Chicago :sad:

    And I can't read it too!:sad:
  10. I was there Oct 20th when they were still working on the new store. They were working out of a small space in the Drake. They had some really lovely things. The new one looked as if it would be really large. Sorry I missed the new one. Oh well...
  11. can't see it either, sadly!