chanel letters rubbing off

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  1. Hello ladies. The gold "chanel" lettering on the inside of my beige claire jumbo seems to be rubbing off. I bought it in June from Neimans (so I'm not worried about authenticity) and have maybe worn it 10 times. I don't plan on selling it, but is this normal? I'm wondering if I should take it to Neimans. I'll try to post a pic later on today but i wanted to know if anyone else had this experience. thanks very much :smile:
  2. This is not unheard of after many uses but shouldn't happen so fast unless you carry or store your bag in a humid place.
  3. As for authenticity, it wouldn't be an issue since the hologram sticker is still intact and you did not change any of the hardware or zippers or have done any means to alter the bag.

    As for taking back to NM, I highly doubt they or Chanel can do anything. Even bags taken in for relining do not get restamped.
  4. ok, thank you very much for your help :smile:
  5. I've seen it happen when using a "strong" disinfectant wipe to clean the interior. Not a problem for authenticity purposes.