CHANEL les exclusifs perfumes?

  1. Hi! Does anybody know where they sell the Chanel les exclusifs perfumes? I've only ever seen them on Chanel's website, but never in actual stores, but I would really like to go to an actual store to test them out!

    here's a link to them on the chanel website if ppl don't know which perfumes i'm talking about:

    thnks!! X
  2. My NM (Northpark Dallas) does. I think the bigger NM's do. The boutique, too.
  3. Some perfume sites have samples to buy to test them out before buying the whole sizes which I have been tempted to do .. have been wanting to try Beige forever..
  4. My Chanel boutique in SoCal has them but never samples..South Coast Plaza for sure, and Rodeo Drive I'd assume, since it's huge...I've not seen them anywhere else.