Chanel left on the conveyor belt . . .

  1. Last week I ventured to Kohl's to see the Vera Wang collection. I found a cute gray sweater top. I'm at the register and pulled the credit card holder from my e/w. Without thinking (obviously) I put the purse on the conveyer belt so I could pry out the bank card. I looked up and the cashier has the bag and is turning it over and over. She's about to open it and I reach for the purse saying I don't think you carry Chanel here. (Me bad, I'm not usually snotty -- well, verbally anyway.) I was so laughing all the way to the car. My husband, usually the dry wit, was with me said you know, you should have let her called a manager over, so the two of them could have struggled over locating that sku number. Yes, it would have been such a side splitter -- the kind that make you fall into a heap laughing til your sides ache.
  2. sorry...didn't think that was funny.
  3. Guess you had to be there to feel the humor.
  4. I would have had a heart attack too just having it handled and being flipped around. LOL. I suffer putting my Chanel bag through airport conveyor belts too.
  5. LOL Luccibag I know what you mean! I almost died when I had to put my baby cabas on the airport conveyor belt. Federal security vs. my baby's security??? hahaha
  6. I think it's funny, because the cashier thought it was a Kohls bag, and was looking for a price tag :lol:.
  7. Its nice to know some of us do have a sense of humor.
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao: you are too funny (I'm also snotty.. sometimes.....and why not!), yes you should had taken your hubby's advise LOL!
  9. :lol:
  10. Judy, you should have totally let her try to price it!:roflmfao:
  11. Sorry maybe I got this wrong but...don't think making fun of the poor working girl is ...funny! I'd suffer too though if someone touched my Chanel bag!
  12. Sicne when has Khols had conveyor belts?:blink::confused1:
  13. I don't know, I've never seen a Kohl's with a moving belt, either. Isn't it normally a non-moving counter? :confused1:
  14. LOL! I thought it was funny, didn't see anything snotty about it.:lol: Would've been funny if it were an LV, Coach, Balenciaga etc. . . .
    I wondered that too, about the conveyor belt, my Kohl's doesn't have one.
    That must be a VERY busy Kohl's to need to be set up like a grocery store check out!
  15. Lighten up people! This is too funny. It's not about making fun of a poor working girl. It's about finding a Chanel handbag being sold at KOHLS.

    That's funny!