Chanel leather?

  1. did chanel ever use rubber on its bags? i saw a vintage chanel bag yesterday that wasnt leather- it was rubber , it comes with its authenticity and it comes from a trusted consignment store- any ideas?
  2. rubber? I've never heard of a rubber bag from any designer to be honest.
  3. Did you mean does use can feel a little rubberlike....:heart:H
  4. As far as I know only Bree has rubber bag. keekeekee
  5. Yes they did, so it's authentic most likely. They were very rare, limited run. I had to pester the bejesus out of the SA to find a larger one than the one they had on the shelf. Mine came from Hawaii and I believe it's a jumbo. I retired it after years and years and years of daily use. It was great -- impervious to rain, snow, etc. Best guess it's circa mid 90's.

    The downside is like tweed purses, Chanel will not restore them. The rubber will lose its shine. If the bag you saw is in good condition -- look at the top edges of the flap, etc., then it's a great bag for inclement weather.

    What size was the one you saw, just out of curiousity?
  6. Didn't Chanel make a jelly tote??
  7. jmen, this is the bag i saw- it looks like leather but its rubber- pretty cool i think
  8. Wow, doesn't look like rubber to me at all..
  9. I agree!

  10. Ah, cool. Mine is in the classic flap style. I took it out to look at it again after responding to your inquiry. The receipt is dated 1996 and it was $1070 with tax. Doesn't that make us want to turn back the clock or what!!!
  11. The bag is gorgeous.