Chanel leather protection

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  1. i just recently learned the hard way that chanel bags are very fragile! i got a scuff on the inside pink leather attached to the zipper. i know its not a visible detail, but i would really like to know how to prevent this in the future. are there any leather treater sprays you guys use, or any that i could buy to help protect my bag. i took it to school one day, and my friend was astonished to see that i hadn't sprayed it with coating or something.
  2. please?
  3. Is it your cambon tote that you scuffed? Have you tried appleguard?
  4. ^yes, but only a little.
    i just want to prevent scuffs, because even though it was little, i am still upset.
  5. oh sorry that u scuffed ur purse..i have the large cambon tote with patent c's and i havent sprayed mine with anything....the idea of spraying something on such an expensive bag freaks me .....
  6. I have heard that chanel recommends Vectra Spray. I bought it, but haven't had the nerve to use it.
  7. me too! thats why im so confused. i really wanna protect it, but what if i end up RUINING IT?
  8. I've used leather protectants on my LV's without any problems. Guess I'm brave! :p
  9. ^ but lvs are mostly canvas. this bag is mostly soft leather.
  10. I used it on the far as real soft leather, hhmm..haven't tried that yet though. I bet a nice SA at a Chanel boutique could also provide some insight.:shrugs:
  11. ^thats a good idea. but the only SA i know personally lives in hawaii. lol