Chanel leather luggages

  1. Have any of you seen chanel quilted leather luggage? I just noticed it yesterday in front of the Chanel store on West 57th... it's sooooooooo dope :heart: :heart:

    Is this new? or has this always been?
  2. They've had quilted leather luggage before. The only pieces I've seen have been the duffel bags but I'm sure there were others.
  3. Oh ok, because the window displayed quilted roller luggage with the matching duffels too in cream. They're just sooo beautiful! I've just never seen that before.
  4. Yeah, they sure are gorgeous! I wonder what they retail for.
  5. I am in love with them, but I would be afraid to let the luggage out of my site. The June/July issue of Shop ETc. has a picture of them

    The Chanel Trolley Bag is $4,195
    Aged Calfskin Ruthenium Bag in Dark White $4,350

    The colors also come in Black, Dark Burgundy and dark gold

  6. That's what i was thinking when I walked by the Chanel windows. I wouldn't want to put it in the overhead compartment, check it in, or even place it under the seat. I would have to buy another airline ticket so my luggage can sit next to me. :roflmfao:
  7. Here are the one's I've seen online-the first is blkladylaw's and the second is from ebay (it's more of a purse but to me the size qualifies it as more of a carryon) :love: :love: :love:
    Chanel Quilted Duffle Blkladylaw.jpg Chanel Ligne Vintage Duffle $2,500.jpg
  8. There is a picture of them in the May issue of Harper's Bazaar.
  9. It's Absolutely Beautiful...
  10. The suitcase in Harpers looks amazing. I would get it except for the fear that it would get ruined the first time I use it.
  11. i did a google search and found these pics...i like, but it's way out of my price range right now :cry:
  12. Oh I love it! That pale tan color is tdf!