Chanel large cambon tote


Dec 7, 2006
0 debating if i should get the chanel tote in the medium or large size. does anyone know how much the chanel large cambon tote (black with the white cc's, or even the black with black cc's) cost? I know the smaller one runs about 1275.00 in the store. theres no chanel store in maui so i would have to fly to oahu to figure this out :smile:.. anyone have suggestions?:yes:
I don't know how much the larger one is, but I like big bags so I would say go with the bigger one. But I love the Chanel store in Oahu, the SA's are really nice. But couldn't you call and order to save a trip of having to fly out there?
My large tote cost me 1050 euros so that works out about 1396USD. I'd defo go with the large you can fit so much in it and it doesn't cost that much extra!
if the larger one is only a couple hundred more i might as well go for that im debating if i want the white cc's or the black cc's. im afraid if i get the white i might not like it 2 years from now...but it's so is always classic.
The large one is $1495 ...
I just got a black with black patent cc's off of ebay for $1212 with shipping tho :yes: not too sure if she is a keeper for me tho as it is more of a shoulder tote and I think I like hand held totes better
I'd say large tote too, great size! yes couldn't you call and ask to ship? My friend told me Ala Moana had black w/ black patent cc's (didn't see any when I was there), don't know about the Waikiki one. Don't think they have any black w/ white cc's though. I thought I loved my large pink tote but after I got it I fell out of love it, I bought it on impluse. Large is a great size though. Good luck on finding one!
do any of you have a picture of the large chanel cambon tote? i really wish the chanel website was more user friendly..i googled it but there are soooo many results i don't know what the actual size is. i hate not having a chanel store here. :sad:
did you look in the reference library? here's mine..