Chanel Lambskin - how do I clean it/care for it?

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  1. I have this lambskin Chanel wallet that I am afraid to use, despite it being a classic black color. I'm just so afraid of scratching it with keys, pens, and all the stuff I have in my purse.

    How do you maintain your delicate leather wallets? Or does it maintain well on its own?
  2. Hi May ---I have two Chanel wallets. One is a quilted lambskin and the other is Caviar on the outside with lambskin on the inside. The quilted lambskin doesn't seem to show much wear for some reason and I'm not easy on my wallets but I have noticed the Caviar wallet does tend to scratch and mark on the lambskin insides. I love this wallet and use it most of the time so I'm resolved to the fact that it will show the wear but for me, that's ok because I don't mind my things having a loved and used look. I don't have an answer really to your question....I don't think there is one. Lambskin is fragile and will show wear no matter what you do especially with wallets.

    Sometimes you just have to enjoy those things you love while they last....whatever shape they become :biggrin:
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  3. I want to put some leather conditoner on my classic lambskin (black). Does anyone suggest any that work well (and don't make the leather smell)?
  4. Straight from my SA's mouth: DO NOT put any leather conditioner, etc. on a lambskin bag. The way to get out scratches is to let the natural oil from your fingers gently rub the scratch out.

    Hope this helps.
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  5. What do any of you use to clean and reshine your bags.
    I have 2 soft lambskin blue and black
    4 caviers, 1 pink and 3 black
    and 1 black suede.
    I can say I have never really cleaned any of them..
    I love my blue one and would love for it to shine like it first did:yahoo:
  6. for my caviars, i swipe my finger across my forehead and clean all the scratches and pretty good because of the oil... lambskin i havent tried they are too fragile to me, when they get tooo used i just send them back to chanel for refurbishing. or cleaning w/e lol
  7. I have been using APple guard on my Multipocket REporter and it keeps the leather like new!!!

    ALso, I use Vertex to spray over it to keep it from future stains and water!

    Hope that helps!
  8. Have noticed that although my washed lambskin bag is still lovely and soft, its definitely "dry-er" than when i 1st got it! :sad: Posted the only pic i have of it at the moment which is me carrying it, so you can't see too much detail, but the top is bit is starting to "wrinkle" a little from the dryness i think? I dunno?

    So I was wondering how you fellow washed lambskin owners look after your bags? The leather is different to the regular lambskin/caviar so i'm not entirely sure what product to use on the washed lambskin...:confused1: or can any Chanel boutique do something about it?

    All advice/suggestions most welcome! ;) Thanks in advance :flowers:
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  9. your suppose to condition it with your hands....

  10. I was looking for a thread that already discussed this - but search gave up on me...

    So, I am asking (possibly again) - how do you take care of your Chanels? I have two quilted leather ones, and one is beige which is in need of some treatment -

    what do you Chanel gals do?

  11. I haven't done anything to my lambskin Chanel. I think Selena had tried Shining Monkey (I hope that's the name of the stuff!) on her lambskin and it worked great -- but don't quote me on that! I need some advice, too, about my black 2.55 because it's looking a little worn...

    The good thing about caviar leather, and why it's my favorite, is that it practically requires no care. At SwankyMama's suggestion I just ran (an alcohol-free) baby-wipe over it. Kind of amazing how much grime accumulates, but it left my caviar bag sparkling clean!

    Never had to do anything with my patent leather Chanel bag, either... as for the suede one, well... : (
  12. Girls, my new classic chanel flap has a small stiches coming out, i trim them, will it be ok? help
  13. I have a question regarding care. My mom and I have a gorgeous small cream lambskin Chanel bag w/ silver hardware, and she used it and unfortunately got it a little dirty on the corners. If we do not have proof of purchase (it was purchased some years back), can it be taken to any Chanel boutique and sent out for cleaning/repair? Unfortunately, something similar has also happened to the metallic gold luxury bowler we have (I think I'm too scared to buy metallic leather in the future now!)... my mom used it, and the braided chain part upon close inspection is not all gold anymore, I see that it has worn off and shows a silvery color, etc.:sad: I believe this was purchased at Bloomies in NYC... but can it be taken to Chanel too, and has anyone had this problem or can you offer suggestions?

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  14. Hi Minal, when I purchased my bag, the SA told me the authencity card is necessary to get the maintenence, so I think it's ok to bring the bag to the store, as it's autenthic they will do what you ask for - any other opinions about this?
  15. i actually thought i was the only one with the small stitches coming out of my pochette purse. but i think calling the Chanel # should be a good help tho! just that i haven't got the time to actually get it fix=(