Chanel Lambskin Espadrilles Question

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  1. Hello everybody! I have a sizing question about the lambskin espadrilles. I went in to NM and tried on a pair of size 39 espadrilles and I could not get my foot in it at all! I wear a 39 in the Givenchy slides does anything think I should size up to a 40 in the espadrilles? If anyone wears a 39 in the Givenchy slides let me know what you wear in the Chanel lambskin espadrilles please! Thanks in advance!
  2. I found the lambskin espadrilles to loosen quite a lot! Maybe your feet were swollen from walking/heat that day? I would definitely go with a size that's a little tighter vs looser to start with. On another note, they are super comfy and I'm sure you'll wear the tightness out of them very quickly! :smile:
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  3. Yes, they’ll loosen up after a few wears
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  4. You will receive alot of advice about the leather giving and maybe even what size to get. Remember, if your toes hit the front of the shoe, this area will never stretch or be forgiving. Not all shoes comform to your foot. Be careful and do not make a mistake even if you just love this style!
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  5. if your foot doesn't go in at all you need to size up. Having said that, I bought lambskin espadrilles in a 39 2 years ago and they fit perfectly for 18 months, but I can't wear them anymore because I walk right out of them because they have stretched that much.
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  6. Sorry to intrude but I always have hard time figuring out my size and what’s the best fit even when I try the shoes on..
    Generally speaking, the toes should not touch the front right? Or only lightly touch?
    I own several CHANEL ballet flats and I always go with the looser fit as I found that is so much more comfortable.. i do that with calfskin and lambskin and while they stretch a bit it’s not to the point where they slip off..

    Today I went to the boutique to get my first espadrilles (all black lambskin one) size 39 was the tighter fit and 40 was the looser one.. SA told me these don’t come in half sizes.. I followed my usual rule and went with the looser one.. I hope I made the correct decision..

  7. Hey there, I would recommend you get the smaller one if you still can. I am the same as you in the sense that I like to size up in my ballerinas by a whole size (I am usually a 7US but wear 38 in ballerinas because I find the toe box very tight) However, the espadrilles stretch a lot!! The first time I tried on the 37, I could barely put them on with a shoe horn. Now I can slip them on with my finger. In my case, I am glad I didn’t go up to a 38. I would recommend trying them on with pantyhose socks (the footie kind) to get a better sense of actual fit.
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  8. I just bought the beige with black cap toe espadrilles and got the 39 since the 40 was slipping off my heel. They will stretch and they weren’t uncomfortable to me to wear even without them stretching at first but they do stretch to fit you more comfortably.
  9. When you guys say when a size is "tighter," is that tight lengthwise or widthwise? I'm in between a 39 and 40, the 40s are way too loose and slipping off by the 39s were short lengthwise. The SA said they will stretch out in the width (left to right) but not length, so if my toes are squished right up against the top of the shoe then they won't stretch out.

    Is that the same experience you guys have? or do they stretch everywhere?
  10. You sound like the same size I am but my toes aren’t necessarily squished up. I was told they will stretch both ways not just width wise. I don’t have a problem with the width, lengthwise it’s just a tad tighter than what I’m used to but by no means am I uncomfortable whatsoever. I just bought mine last week and only wore them around the house when they came in the mail and they fit just fine. I just wanted to make sure they worked and I didn’t have to return them.
  11. That's good to know. My two feet are a half size different so my left foot fits the 39 perfectly but the right foot is a bit squished.
  12. I got my espadrilles in my normal size. They were a little snug, but after wearing them a few times, they are looser and more comfortable! HTH
  13. I purchased my Chanel Lambskin Espadrilles also at NM in Vegas (Fashion show mall). I am usually a size 36. I tried on 37 it fit comfortably yet at the top it was kind of loose. I tried on 36 it was very very snug and tight. When I finally got my foot into 36, it looked better! It has been a year now and it has stretched out a bit and is easier to put on. I still am considering a size 37 for my future chanel espadrille purchases!
  14. could someone in size Chanel 37,5 Ballerinas help me. I am thinking buying Chanel espadrilles 36 or 37. I got one pair last year in size 36 and i didn’t really wear them, i found it too tight and return it. My feet are wide but and 23,7 cm length. when i wear Chanel 37, is too tight at 2 sides, but the length is good. when i wear 37.5 Chanel Ballerines, it loose but the wide is super. That’s why i am asking myself which size should i take with Chanel espadrilles. Please help. should 36 be ok. thank you so much
  15. Don't most Designer slides run a tad bigger than usual? What is your usual size? I'm a true size 6 in the leather Chanel Espadrilles, Gucci Ace sneakers, Gucci Brixton, Burberry and YSL Tributes but a size 6.5 in Gucci Princetowns. The leather Espy's stretch a bit so it should be snug at first but not excruciating when first purchased.