Chanel LadyBraid Satchel

  1. AHHH!! I am completely in love with the Lady Braid, but does anyone know where to get it??

    I hope it's not sold out!
  2. I bought mine right around Christmas/New Year's at the Chicago Boutique ... they had four at that time but I don't know about now .... if you call there, ask for Pamela and tell her Victoria sent you - she is awesome!

    phone number is 312-787-5500
  3. is the price on the LB $2495.00?
  4. I saw one last week at Nordstrom in Woodland Hills . . . you could also call Seattle because that is their flagship store . . .
  5. I returned one in purple because it didn't work for me at NM Fashion Valley. Last when I was there, about 3 days ago, it was still sitting in the display case. Good luck!!!

  6. $2450 - mine was $2695 with Tax and Shipping - Chicago Tax is 9% :nuts: