Chanel "Lady Braid" bag???

  1. I received Bergdorf Goodman's new catalog today and saw a Lady Braid bag by Chanel, in which I'm posting a pic. Also, there's a Chanel ad in the catalog and I'm pretty sure it's a large white Modern Chain bag :love:, am I correct?
    Chanel-Lady-Braid.jpg Chain-Ligne.jpg
  2. Wow! The modern chain looks quite large in the pic. I rather like the braid bag...
  3. The Modern Chain Tote comes in 2 sizes at least, that may be the larger. . .
    LOVE them both!
  4. Oooh, the Lady Braid looks a lot like the Vintage Square Tote w/o the distressed leather. I like the Modern Chain, very nice looking bag! I may have to look into that one...
  5. :nuts: I love it!
  6. I would retire my speedy in a second for the Lady Braid bag :love:.

    As for the modern chain, I just ADORE it and think it's so wonderful that Chanel is offering it in two sizes. I think a large black would be amazing for everyday and a small white would be perfect for the times, well, when you need a midsize white bag :heart:.
  7. WAIT!!!! Hold the phone!!! Look at the writeup for the Lady Braid bag, OMG, it comes in violet :nuts:, I bet that bag is amazing!
  8. i like the lagdy braid design. It shape is like the Outdoor doctors bag, only the handles are longer.
  9. does it say how much the lady braid will cost?
  10. Yup, when you enlarge the ad, it says $2450.
    I think I'm in :love: ... I really like the Lady Braid - I love how the classic chain and quilted elements are incorporated here... it's awesome!!
  11. So the Lady Braid is not the same as the Moden chain. Looks like this can go on the shoulder and in violet?? This Bergdord, they don't carry Chanel on-line. What other colors does it come in?? Would love to see pics.
  12. Its beautiful!
    I agree it reminds me of vintage square.. they've got so many lines Im actually very confused now!
  13. It says in the pic that it also comes in violet and dark white. Does anyone want to guess what leather it is? My guess would be lambskin, but I'm hoping it's something less fragile.
  14. i loveee the chain!!

    thanks for sharing!
  15. Oh i bet the violet is amazing!! :wtf: Not another thing on my list!! Hope it is not lambskin...