Chanel Ladies

  1. Hmmm.. just wondering how old are the Chanel Ladies of TPF?! :biggrin:
  2. BTW, I'm 22, turning 23 this September ;)
  3. 43 this year
  4. i'm 26 this year
  5. i'm 18. I turn 19 end of November!
  6. 21! :d
  7. 21, turning 22 in august
  8. I am 32!
  9. U are a very young mother!!! Congratulations! when will be your due date? :smile:

  10. Yes indeed chanelfans! :yes: It's my 2nd daughter already. Hehe! My due date is this coming August.. 2nd week! :nuts:
  11. 37 going 38
  12. 35
  13. In October I will have surpassed the category
    "older than dirt." Let's say I've been loving Chanel since the 80's. Sad to say my child is a male. I often think what willl happen to my lovely pieces when it's time to get "beemered" up, down or sideways.
  14. I just turned 35.
  15. 25 later this year.