Chanel ladies - need help in identifying IF this is a Chanel, and which one?

  1. Hmmm i cant see it?
  2. ^ hmm bad link? we can't see the pic. could you upload the pic here instead of giving the link?
  3. Sure, just a mnt :smile:
  4. Here it is. The pic isn't too clear but it shows the bag enough...


    I love it! :drool:
  5. Here it is everyone!
  6. Don't know the name of it but there's one on eBay right now. I saw it!!:confused1::yes:
  7. Anyone know the style name and more about it? When it was out, etc...
  8. Anyone? Its lovely and I need it... :smile:
  9. This bag is from a few seasons ago, prob. 2 years ago. but I'm bump this for you just incase anyone else knows more info. Good luck:smile:
  10. So it's a Chanel for sure then?
  11. Bump.... anyone?
  12. No one at all? Oh well... :sad:
  13. i'm sorry i ddon't know :sad: