Chanel LA bag...

  1. Does anyone know if this has arrived at any stores yet?

    Been waiting what seems to be forever for this bag to arrive!!

  2. Yes. :yes: One of my SA's called me on Thursday to let me know that it finally arrived. She puts my name down for everything just to be sure that I won't miss anything that I might want.
  3. I saw the LA bag in the window of the Rodeo Drive Chanel boutique today. I was there early Sunday morning, so the store was closed, and I couldn't go in to check it out.
  4. NM Troy also got one.
  5. I think NM at New Port Beach has one, call my SA Cynthia Smith at 949-887-3765, and please tell her Beverly sent you.:smile:Good luck!
  6. Chanel in BH has it... I saw it this afternoon....
    but no luck in finding what I was looking for....
  7. anyone know price on this bag?
  8. 1450 USD i think...still waiting on Saks BH to let me know about it though...
  9. if uve seen it in did you like it too?
  10. it's lovely.....the price seems reasonable!
  11. personally i don't like it. the words esp LA are too huge and the bag reminds me of the original cabas size that would probably look crazily oversize on me but that's JMO!! hope it'll turn out fab on you, cory! good luck ;)
  12. It doesn't look too bad IRL but I don't live in LA so I don't see the point of carrying it!
  13. ohhh yah im just worried it may be a sack on me but we'll see...i passed on the cabas oh so long ago and thought this would be a cutsy bag--def not a classic chanel piece perse, but just trendy i guess and it fits since im from LA and love the city LOL
  14. it's a very cute bag, but i'm not too crazy about the HUGE LA on the bag.. if it didn't have LA on there I'd definitely buy it on the spot... hahahah
  15. ^^hmm i heard now that there is apparently 2 sizes of this???
    i wonder which size is the one in the pic shown...i think that pic is from Nordies...but they bought both sizes too...

    anyone can chime in to offer their opinions and insight--i think Saks BH only got the smaller one which is 1450 USD...the other is something like a large cabas they said???