1. Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:wlae:

    It was such a nightmare yesterday but my SA Gail was just fabulous and reassuring and on top of things all day yesterday, keeping me posted and letting me know she could just overnight me another one so I could have it before I leave for London next week.

    Soo--yesterday early evening EST, Gail decided the other bag may not be located for another week since I guess the process takes awhile for Fedex to send out the trace, have the driver track it down, retrieve it (I always wonder what the person who signed for the wrong package and decided to just keep it would errr...I was just keeping it for this person to find it from us??? LOL) :confused1: and then send back to Saks....

    Anyhoo--Gail rushed to shipping at Saks Beverly Hills, had them Saturday delivery overnight it to me via Fedex and I was so worried it wouldnt come again or get lost--I guess once something like this happens, you feel a bit paranoid for awhile...:shame:

    And it arrived this morning--I even woke up at 9:00am I think out of slight nerves and lo and behold was I ever so glad when I heard a little knock knock at my door from the Fedex man with a HUGE HUGE box:yahoo:

  2. Hooray!!!!!:smile: Post pics!!!!

    Congrats on your new bag. I'm so glad that your SA was so helpful.
  3. without further delay...I'm terrible at pic-taking--AND I'm still super sleepy but I told my bf all about the fiasco, who was ever so kind in consoling me yesterday...and I mentioned how sweet all of you were regarding the matter so he told me to just take pics and hopefully no one minds I'm still in my PJs heehee:sweatdrop:

    Without flash

    With flash

    Just wanted to capture the chain...interwoven jersey with metal

    And the inside is an awesome tomato red color with one huge zipper pocket and a zipper closure...
  4. Here are the modeling pics...

    I'm 5'0 btw--and I dont think I could go for the larger size at first I was kind of worried this would be too small but now after seeing it IRL...yah, its big enough heehee:angel:

    Without any stuffing--lays super flat
    DSC01959.JPG can fit a lot in--I put in some air-bags fillers inside to keep it stuffed some...looks like a pillow doesnt it? Another SA said it was like a standard sized pillow feel!!

    Tag with information
    Other specs--i DID hear that the larger one which I only know of Chanel boutiques ordering...was more like a cabas shape, even bigger (though i couldnt imagine how that may be) and had a bit more depth/width to the bag....
  5. sooo cute, lovin' your jammies too!!!! congrats! glas she came before your trip! looks like a great travel bag!
  6. :tup:congratulations!
  7. Congratulation & that bag so chic for traveling. It looks like jersey material with metallic gold? Also good customer service from your Saks too.
  8. ^^ ohhh yep--its jersey material in a pale light gold...nothing too bright but it just has that sheen to give it a nice look on the jersey--functional and toned down enough for day to day use but also not boring or blah or too washed out

    very very light too
  9. Cute, so HUGE but fab on you! Congrats!
  10. Congratulations! I'm glad everything was sorted out. I had a REALLY BAD problem w/ FedEx and LV... i.e. someone stole my item from the package and re-sealed it en-route!! And it took them OVER a month to mitigate the situation, and I STILL haven't gotten ANY replacement/refund, so I'm VERY happy that everything worked out for you.

    I'm relieved to hear your good news, AND glad that you have your bag... it looks GREAT on you! You have a great SA! (I might have to add Gail to my list, as I don't have a Saks BH SA, I've been in a few times and no one ever seems to want to help me! But Gail sounds like a sweetheart!)

    Hope you have a great trip next week... and ENJOY your fab new Chanel LA bag!
  11. So cute! Congrats!!
  12. That's a "small" tote?! Egads! I'd hate to see the large size! The bag looks great! Enjoy it!
  13. Aww, I'm so happy everything worked out Cory!! :tup: :love: I bet it was nerve wracking, but thankfully there's a happy ending! :smile: :girlsigh: The bag is really cute... great for traveling/running errands, and I love the metallic sheen to it! :love: It even looks cute against your PJ's hehe! :p Congrats and enjoy!!! :yahoo:
  14. congrats! and glad that saks sent you another bag so you don't have to worry about fedex!!

    i've had fedex misdeliver a $2k fendi spy bag before. dropped it off a whole block away from where i live! luckily the resident there was smart and called my phone number that was listed on the label. whew!
  15. cute!!!! i love it! congrats