Chanel Keychain

  1. Hi - I was wondering if anyone has seen this keychain in a Chanel, Saks, or Neiman Marcus store. Also, does anyone know the prices of the keychain and wallet?

    Thanks in advance!
    Keychain & Wallet.JPG
  2. I have not seen either in Neimans or the Chanel boutique and I went to both today. The price of the wallet is $725 and the keychain is $395. Hope this helps.
  3. Wow, this is good to know...I love this keychain and I want one.
    Do you know the name I can use as a reference when I call my sa??
    Thanx, Janet
  4. Hi Janet. From a catalog I received, the keychain says " Lambskin and resin key holder with clover, Chanel signature and No5 bottle charms". Item #A34589 Y04460 C4016.
  5. Janet,
    I got that key chain earlier this month. I love it. I am not sure what it is called, if you tell you S/A it is acrylic with the No.5 bottle, Camellia and CC logo I am sure they will know the one. I know $395 is ALOT for a key chain but I LOVE this one!!
  6. As Brooke points out resin not acrylic, and she gave you the info, now you have everything you need to find it. You will love it! Thanks Brooke for the correct info.
  7. No problem. I try to save price sheets I get with catalogs....makes it easier to track down items I am looking for.
  8. Thanx everyone!
    I just found it on the chanel website w/ the description! Oh, I like it enough to pay that much for it!!!!! they just did not indicate a price, so thanx for giving me that info.:heart:
  9. Have you seen the black leather one w/CC and Club? it's soo cute, but i can't find a pix of it....retail 200 i think.
  10. I love that keychain!
  11. This is on order at Saks. There was a pic of it in their PDF file. My store was only getting 2.
  12. I like the keychain. I never stumble across stuff like this.

  13. Oh that is so cute!
  14. Thanks for the info ladies! I'm so glad others think it is cute - otherwise, I would think I'm crazy for being willing to pay so much for a little's not even a key wallet!
  15. I saw the keychain at the Chanel boutique in Bellagio last weekend in vegas, not sure if they still have it but you can try calling them.