Chanel key fob and mini wallet

  1. I'm searching for a combo key fob/mini wallet that can be used to store a drivers license and some cash for times when I can't carry a bag (like to the gym). I have one by Coach but would really like one by Chanel. It's so easy to grab my car keys with the little wallet attached and run out the door!

    If anyone (s/a's?) has pics and prices to share please lmk. My Nordstrom s/a has nothing in stock that fits this description. There is one on eBay but I'd rather buy retail.

  2. I had one, but sold it a while back. My computer crashed last week:cursing:, so I don't still have the pic. It was black and had a little flap and CC's on the front. It wasn't quilted. I bought it from a Chanel boutique, and it was about $295. Not sure if any of those are still around, but it would fit the bill for what you're looking for.
  3. Just remembered Photobucket, and my pic was still there. Sorry I don't have the item number.

  4. wow i love that, it's really cute!!
  5. Thanks Tammy, that's exactly what I'm looking for! Now to try to find it somewhere.
  6. Roey, I was just looking through LadyDior's pics she took at Sak's and they had this same key case, only in gold.
  7. They had one in Saks in the Somerset Collection in Troy Michigan a week ago. They also had one or two other things that I think would fit what you are looking for.
  8. Mine is similar to Roey's. Mine is black calfskin with the typical Chanel diamond pattern and it is trimmed in a deep red/burgundy. Very, very nice. I just bought it a few weeks back for $335. I'm at work, so I can't post a pic now. I'll try to do it tonight.
  9. Ooh, that sounds pretty! Can't wait to see it.