chanel kelly

  1. hi everyone! i m new here:yahoo:
    does any1 knows where can i buy the 'chanel kelly' bag ? chanel shop still got this item?
  2. i saw a chanel kelly recently at the boutique in south coast plaza (costa mesa, ca). they are definitely still in stores; you just have to call around and look.

    good luck!
  3. You should post in the Chanel shopping subforum, someone can help you there. Also, there is a thread about SA's. If you search it, you can get a bunch of numbers to call to locate the bag. Good luck....
  4. ooohhh! this is one of my favorites! I did LOTS of research on this one - LOL!
    Here is a pic of a Small Kelly in Lambskin and a Large in Caviar both have Silver Hardware

  5. and here is a pic of the square-ish shaped Kelly in Lambskin with Gold HW - this one in Lamb isn't in production now, but I have seen it in Caviar at my Boutique .... and I think there is one on eBay ....

  7. thanks all u guy alot! will try to call n see if they still got it...:love:
  8. Ooooh, it is so classy looking, I like it too!:drool:
  9. the nyc madison store had a few about a week or two ago...
  10. i just bought a black lambskin kelly from the chanel boutique in San Francisco. they also had one in caviar with silver hardware.
  11. I was in Chanel San Francisco this past weekend and I am almost positive that they had some (at least 1.) Call Cari and she'll be able to help you. 415.981.1550 (if Im not mistaken on the #! Yes, I basically have it memorized.)