CHANEL KELLY w/ silver hw

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  1. Dimensions are 12 1/2 length 8 1/2 inches tall 12 inches with the handles,5 inches wide. Right?

  2. that is the Large one right? That is what I was looking for!
    NM Chicago has the Small one - it is TDF! They are completely sold out of the Large size :crybaby:

    If anyone has seen the Large size anywhere, please let me know! I am going to check at the Chanel Boutique in Chicago...
  3. Oh, that is really pretty!
  4. They had one at Short hills NJ a few weeks ago......

  5. Rose - at the Chanel Boutique?
  6. Yes, call them, they should be open late today.....

  7. Thank you! I will!:flowers:
  8. Yep, they still have them!
    But he said the Large one only comes in Cavier w/ Gold HW ... hmmm... I don't mind the Gold HW, but I really love Lambskin... and I think the Small one would be just too darn small ... always so darn indecisive :confused1:
  9. I love the black with gold. It is so versatile. I do know what you mean about the cav v lambskin. I prefer the lambskin myself but the cav does give the bag a more 'stuctured' look.
  10. I love that bag.
  11. Great looking Chanel...elegant.
  12. The one Nicky is carrying looks like the small Kelly to me.
  13. Does the Chanel Kelly come with an attachable shoulder strap like the H Kelly?