Chanel Kelly - MORE INFO PLEASE!!!

  1. I am so loving the Chanel Kelly!!! Does it only come in black? Is it caviar leather? How much is the retail price? Please post pics if you have this bag....Thanks!
  2. i need to see pix too:wtf:
  3. Have you done a search? It comes up pretty often. . . you may be able to find what you're looking for.
  4. I just looked at the links and love that bag! What a great way to get a kelly "fix" and a fraction of the price of the Hermes.
  5. Please help me here. I'm totally ignorant of the Kelly:smile: I only know the Herm:hysteric: es. I feel so stupid!!!
  6. Whatcha need help with?
  7. Thanks for the links. Great pics! My thoughts exactly lulilu...Hermes fix at a fraction of the price. What a great deal! Is this easy to get though?
  8. Do you live near a Chanel boutique or NM?
    Just call them, they can locate one for you even if they don't have one in stock.
  9. Thanks Swanky. Will do just that...