Chanel Kelly, can you still get one?

  1. I like the one that Nicky Hilton has.
    nicky chanel kelly.jpg
  2. I saw one at NM in Las Vegas about a month ago. I am pretty sure they had more then one, but the bag I saw seemed like it was a little smaller than the one in the pic. It was either black or really dark navy. A very nice bag.
  3. I saw one at my NM in Scottsdale, AZ last month. I'm sure they still have it. It was black caviar with silver h/w.
  4. My NM has a small one, too. It is gorgeous!
  5. yess.....they are still around. Part of the timeless classic collection. They come in caviar and in lambskin.
  6. Does anyone know how much they are? I love Nicky Hilton's! It's gorgeous!
  7. That is a great classic bag.

    as an aside, am I the only one who always thinks Nikki looks like the older, wiser, chicer sister; although she is in fact the younger of the two?
  8. both sisters are beautiful but Nikki is classy. IMO
  9. i saw i at NM palo alto
  10. yup! saw it at my boutique yesterday.
  11. I saw it in Pink at Selfridges last week.
  12. I'm scared to know the price myself. :sweatdrop:
  13. I know someone already asked, but does anyone know the price?
  14. not sure of the price but saw one at NM in Charlotte, very chic.
  15. On 7/14 I saw one at NM of Beverly Hills......don't know price...