chanel kaleidescope bag.......

  1. Has anyone seen the Neimans ad in Vogue for this Chanel bag? I cannot find another picture of it, nor the pricing at NM...a SA told me that it is called "kaleidescope"....but is awaiting more info. Are there any other colors and/or styles that will be made? Just think this is a great looking bag. Any more info? Please post pics. Thanks!
  2. I have no clue what it looks like, but when I saw kaleidescope I instantly thought of this...


    I'm not sure who posted it, but credits to whoever posted them originally :tup:

    If that's not the one, then I'd like to see it too.
  3. Wow! That bag is awesome! It sure looks like a kaleidescope bag to me! I like it when Chanel goes out on a limb and does something unique like that. What a great accent piece for a black suit or dress.
  4. Definitely a unique bag, but a little too much is going on.
  5. even with my kooky taste, I think it is a tad bit busy
  6. the buttons looks like m&ms
  7. :roflmfao: So true!
  8. I think the CC turnlock closure kind of gets "lost" in the kaleidescope...
  9. that's pretty cool! i like also the red one..