Chanel jumbo, Sienna Miller reissue - pics


Dec 9, 2006
I think I have made my mind up to get a jumbo as it is the best one for everyday and some evenings. I did however see this pic of a reissue used as an evening bag which I think looks perfectly ok, is this the same size as the jumbo flap? As then I think the jumbo would look find for evening. Also is Sienna Millers black patent reissue the same size as a jumbo as she also uses hers for evening which looks fine!


mommy of two
Jan 11, 2008
Northern California
hi rosie,

the metallic reissue in the first pic looks smaller than a classic jumbo flap. i have a black jumbo and 3 reissues (225, 226). i've used the jumbo once for an evening out, and felt it was a bit bulky for that type of occasion. love the 225 reissues, but i think you'd like the larger 226.


<3's chanel
Jul 20, 2006
Los Angeles
I think Sienna's might be a 226? (where are all the other reissue experts?? ;))

I think a 226 would be perfect for switching from day to evening. 227 is comparable to the jumbo size... I think you could pull off a 227 for evening, but it IS a bit bulky. A 226 would probably be a better size to transition for day-evening. It's large enough for day use (since it's larger than a classic med/large flap) and relatively smaller than a jumbo -which I think is more casual looking for an evening look.

Anyways, 226 and 227 are my favorite reissue sizes, you really can't go wrong with either!