Chanel Jumbo Purchase Dilemma?

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  1. Hi Friends,

    I am thinking of purchasing the Chanel Caviar light beige Jumbo in silver hardware, I saw both in mint condition, one is in 14 Series and one is 16 Series, which bag would you purchase if the condition is the same and the price is similiar also.

    Thanks for your advise.
  2. One with better condition.

  3. Is there a quality difference in the 14 or 16 series? I heard so many stories here about the quality of the new flaps. I am leaning toward the 14 series because it may have better quality. Let me know your expertise here.

  4. If both are of the same quality and condition, I will take series 16 :smile:
  5. I will take the newer one (ie 16 series) if they are both of good quality.
  6. Thanks for your advice, I went ahead and purchase the one with the 16 series.