chanel jumbo flap


Aug 10, 2009
what do you think about the chanel jumbo flap guys?is it good for everyday use?is it big enough for daily use?will it look good with casual attire,or its too formal? im actually looking for a daily purse. im debating between jumbo flap or lv greta,but i think im leaning towards the chanel. any thoughts?ur help will be appreciated


will work for bags!
Nov 20, 2007
you can do a search on jumbos - they are very popular and are a good everyday bag in caviar since the leather is sturdier. personally, i would go for the chanel over the greta since i think it is more of a classic that will last longer and be able to be worn with more things. i think the jumbo can be worn with many different things, it all depends on what color/color of hardware you choose to get. there are lots of pics on here with people with their jumbos, or you can check the celebrity thread sticky-ed at the top of the forum for pics of celebs with their jumbos and casual attire