Chanel Jumbo Flap Question!

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  1. Hi guys! I went to Chanel Boutique today and was so amazed with the Jumbo Lambskin they had. I'm currently on the waitlist for Jumbo Caviar but when I saw the lambskin, it's kinda irresistible. It's Made in France by the way. As much as I wanted to get it right away, I had a second thought because I saw that the threads at the sides are kinda peeking out from the leather a little stretched out (photo attached) and thought of asking here first before making a purchase. Is this normal? But I'm still quite torn with the Caviar and Lambskin. I took the photo right next to my Caviar GST and the lambskin is so tempting! Help guys! Those who owned the lambskin...

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  2. Hi I cant see the GST..I want to seeee

    I can see that the threads are peeking. Dont think its supposed to be like that. Saw this issue in another thread.
  3. Really? So this is like a flaw? Glad didn't bought it. Can you share the other thread about this? Thanks. I want to upload the other pic but it says too large for this. Im gonna try again.
  4. Yeah I wouldn't buy that particular one. Looks like there's something going on with the leather and stitching on the side. Here's mine from 2013. I had to add a pic of the puffiness of the lambskin lol. I love lambskin!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468082599.867480.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468082627.019660.jpg
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  5. Thats nice. Thanks for that pic. I like lambskin too. But how often do you use it? It already has a lot of sheen to it! Bravo! Good job caring for your baby!
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    I purchased a jumbo black lambskin with SHW over the phone last weekend and it arrived yesterday (blue stickers and all, on the CC-closure, meaning the handbag never sat on the display floor, plus my SA promised me the same). My 1st assumption on the handbag they showed you is that 1) it appears to be a floor display and/or, 2) has been handled frequently by the public. 3) I would also assume the boutique did not add tissue paper to the interior given the rapid decline in structure on the side. On THIS particular bag, the jumbo black lambskin cf ("timeless classic"), I, personally, would only purchase a BRAND-NEW, never out-of-the-box, cf. I have been less picky about other Chanel handbags I have purchased, even other jumbo classic flaps; I think a number of them have even been returns from other customers. I ADORE my black lambskin classic flap! It actually feels and carries very different than my pink lambskin classic flap; it is lighter and less stiff. However, since it is a bit more delicate, "I" want to be the 1st to scratch it or scuff it (lol). One does have to be a bit more "mindful" carrying a lamb bag vs. caviar, however, I have ZERO regrets with this purchase. Further, I believe some opinions might be over-hyped as far as the delicate nature. Some have even commented on the lambskin being more durable this year as opposed to previous years. Sadly, I am not able to see the stitching issue you describe. However, since/if there is one, "that" is definitely not the bag for you! There will be plenty more to choose-from down the road. Sometimes it's just a matter of patience and perseverance. Good Luck to you!✨✨✨ Please keep us posted! And feel free to ask as many questions as you need...
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  7. Thanks so much for your help guys! Yes, I would definitely want to purchase this brand new. But when I saw it yesterday, felt confused so I thought to post it first here and ask questions. I hope you could also post the pic of your jumbo lambskin. When they showed me, it was stored on the back and with tissue in the interior. I havent taken out the tissues because I saw that already and of course no need to check the interior anymore coz it's already a "flop" to me! Haha! Thanks for enlightening me that the bag only had an issue. Got scared buying after seeing the bag yesterday.
  8. Oh ceedoan, SUCH a beauty!! Super-duper PUFFY quilts! Beautiful sheen! The GHW against the black lamb...SO classic!
    ❤️ Lambskin Love ❤️
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468109595.593613.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468109604.660557.jpg

    I don't really understand your concerns, I don't really see any problem with the jumbo.....

    I've attached the side of my lambskin jumbo for your reference, hope it helps.
  10. You can go back to my picture. Looks at the seams. The thread are peeking out of the leather. Seems so stretched.
  11. Sooo jealous about your bags girlfriends!!
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    Are you referring to me?

    In fact, I am in the process of trying to photograph the whole "Family Portrait" but have been surprised to find out how difficult getting the **best** photograph has been. Strangely enough the pink cf and the silver chevron metallic cf literally change colors under the lense (of my iPhone). In turn, the resulting picture(s) looks nothing like the true color of the handbags in real life. Oh, sigh, if these were the ONLY dilemmas I suffered in life! LOL :confused1::nuts::smile:

    Although, you can see the 2 mentioned above under my posts in the Chanel Color Library, each under its respective color [ 1) pink and 2) metallic sub-headings].

    Once finalized, I will be sure to send you a picture, and will even send you a side-seam picture of the new black lamb cf since you encountered that "defective(?)" classic flap during your journey. I don't have a side-seam pic yet, but will be sure to capture one, just for this purpose. I also imagine, however, that it will be useful for me to have as a comparison photo as the handbag ages.

    Will be in touch! Do keep us posted on your "Chanel Adventures". :biggrin:
  13. can't wait to see yours! :happydance:
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  14. Thanks everyone for your help and inspiration! How can I buy a Caviar if all I'm seeing here are lovely jumbo lambskin flaps! Do you think guys it's still worth the splurge of USD 5,500.00 or not anymore? I'm being hesitant of the price.
  15. Honestly, dear edsltan, there is "talk about town" that a price increase is about to hit the jumbo classic flaps (caviar + lambskin) since there has not been one in two years.

    A second area to consider is the re-sale market. Now, I never recommend someone purchase a handbag solely for the purpose of re-selling. To me, that defeats the whole purpose of the entire Chanel experience. One should ONLY purchase the handbag that makes their "heart sing". That being said, a jumbo black quilted caviar leather cf with GHW, in EXCELLENT condition is probably your best option as far as return on investment - especially if/when a price increase occurs. Hence it cannot hurt to be mindful to avoid purchasing the more trendy bags that may not appeal to the population as a whole (i.e. Chanel flap bags with crochet overlay :P). However, there are MANY MANY lambskin classic flap lovers out there, including myself and sweet "ceedoan" and hundreds+ of TPF members that would jump on a pristine pre-loved jumbo black lambskin classic flap.

    I, personally, am a SHW-ONLY gal. I see it more as "Platinum Hardware" in my delusional Chanel world. And since almost all the jewelery I ever wear is platinum, my Chanel collection is exclusively SHW, from eyewear to SLGs to handbags. This is despite my knowing that the jumbo black classic flap with GHW looks AMAZING and is potentially more popular in either lamb or caviar!! Just like "ceedoan's" BEAUTY !! :heart::heart::heart:

    Speaking of re-selling, many members of TPF have located and purchased GORGEOUS pre-loved classic flaps on reseller sights like Fashionphile, Timeless Luxuries, etc. Some STILL even have tags on them, yet are less $$$ than buying brand-new from a Chanel Boutique, Saks, NM, BG, Nordstrom, etc). Please be cautious, however, and you may want/need to do a bit of homework/research first; because I have also seen SLGs, for instance, actually marked-up on these reseller websites, when in reality your local Nordstrom, et al, is currently selling them at retail price.

    Please see the image below that another TPF member recently posted in a Chanel forum that I believe has a thread on price-increases, in general. This image has been circulating to provide a better perspective regarding a potential price increase for this year. Hence patiently waiting until year-end, or even next year, may result in an even HIGHER price than $5,500. I have no doubt it will be well over $6,000+. (I believe the jumbo reissue already is.) Just food for thought...

    Hope this is helpful.:smile:
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