Chanel Jumbo Flap or MJ Stam?

  1. Hi girls! Could you help me choose between a Black Chanel Jumbo Flap :heart: or a black Marc Jacobs Stam:heart: ? I am looking for one quilted bag for semi-regular use and was wondering which may be more practical and which would fit more stuff. I like both but keep going back and forth in trying to choose one. Any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks:smile:
  2. I vote for Chanel Jumbo flap, its a classic design. IMO, MJ Stam is wee-bit seasonal ? But, its a cool looking bag, I drool everytime I see one.:drool:
  3. I say the Chanel too, you will use it forever!
  4. The stam is a very cool looking bag, but the chanel will last forever. So I agree -- Chanel.
    You might also look at the Chanel Paris/New York black flap bag. It is edgier than the traditional, but still has lasting power IMO.
  5. definitely chanel
  6. Chanel Classic Flap
  7. Chanel :biggrin:
  8. personally i like stam, but for investment more to chanel
  9. Chanel is more classic looking - while the MJ Stam has that Kate Moss/rocker edge to it.
  10. CHANEL! It's a classic.
  11. Chanel, even though I *think* the Stam may fit slightly more.

    Have you tried the Jumbo on? A lot of people think it's too big, the Large is also great to try on.
  12. chanel all the way!! ..well..if i have to pick from the two
  13. chanel, it's just so classic
  14. Chanel:heart:
  15. you must know that chanel is eternal!!! the marc jacobs stam is going to be out of season soon. which colour you going to choose? i love the black AND the plum. the plum is exquisite.
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